Overthinking often succeeds only in complicating our lives and robbing us of peace of mind.
Psychologically, risk-taking is influenced by innumerable factors: From personality traits and past experiences to cognitive biases and societal pressures.
The situation is made worse by labour reports that have shown only about 15% of the Zimbabwe labour force is in formal employment, the rest is in the informal sector.
We relate with the Father in Truth and Spirit. God is interested in salvation and truth.
Zimbabwe has witnessed challenges throughout its history, yet its people have demonstrated resilience and an unwavering commitment to progress.
By AMH Voices May. 18, 2024
Hobwani said his department recently activated an exercise to gather statistics on the number of people employed in the informal economy.
Compared to the US dollar, the value of the new ZiG currency is already decreasing.
So, the next time you hear about war on the news, remember the forgotten faces
Due to its strong reliance on commodity exports and lack of economic diversification, the continent is vulnerable to changes in international markets.
The present, therefore, is not the time for Israel to end the war, but it could be for Hamas.
Zimbabwe has trained highly-knowledgeable medical personnel that continue to be hunted down by many developed countries of the world.
Climate change is opening people’s eyes to the fact that every commodity has a complement and a substitute.
It staggers the mind that ZiG was launched notwithstanding its convertibility challenges and inability to pay for fuel and passports.
The stability of the United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED), which is pegged to the US dollar, is one of the key reasons Zimbabwean investors are drawn to Dubai. 
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By Newsday May. 14, 2024
Her husband, who is the ruling Zanu PF party spokesman, Christopher Mutsvangwa, was not to be left out of the outburst.
Consumers are increasingly aware of the various cannabinoids and their specific effects, and THCA gummies meet a niche demand for non-psychoactive relief. 
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By Newsday May. 14, 2024
The term Kaizen stems from two Japanese Kanji symbols. Kai meaning change and zen meaning good.
It takes away our control of monetary policy and seriously undermines our central bank financially.
Two decades after the country underwent the chaotic land reform, monetary policy has remained one of the biggest headaches
The passion for climate action and justice being displayed by diverse groups, organisations and institutions is not necessarily motivated by volunteerism.
Portugal's Digital Nomad Visa, or more officially known as the D8 Visa, is a national visa that allows digital nomads
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By Newsday May. 11, 2024
The inclusive government of 2009 to 2013, after the disputed 2008 presidential polls, had a task to produce a new governing charter for Zimbabwe.
Let’s ponder the term “work-life balance” for a moment.
Needless to say, everyone will agree, at least publicly, that stigmatising such illness and, by extension, its bearers should have ceased long ago.
In case you missed some of our teachings, New Testament prayers are basically praise and thanksgiving for what the Father has already given us in Christ.
The worst part was to discover late in life that all those things were slowly impacting other things such as our education and the quality of life in general
It is imperative that individuals and organizations come out in large numbers to the Public Hearings for the PVO Bill and voice their opposition to the proposed amendments. 
Discover Zimbabwe’s past by taking a trip to Great Zimbabwe, which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986.
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By Newsday May. 10, 2024
Immunisation is one of our most successful and cost-effective public health interventions.
In this suffering some want the status quo to remain and they are in their millions.
No magic wand, no quick fix, let alone an individual will transform Zimbabwe. Nation building is heavy lifting, multifaceted, time consuming and needs all hands on deck.
AI has emerged as a new battleground for international competition, with nations recognising its potential to drive economic prosperity and national security.
There is a cost to a government in the hands of a ruling elite of low reputation. It cannot evade censure for attaining power illegitimately and for not being respectful of human rights.
Knowledge around appropriate food preservation technologies can be embedded at industrial parks occupied by the young generation who are attached to colleges and universities.
The THCA flower consists of the dried buds that contain THCA alongside other cannabinoids and terpenes. 
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By Newsday May. 7, 2024
Effective communication is not just about being able to talk, but also about being able to express your thoughts and ideas with clarity and charisma.
Are those Mnangagwa’s aspirations? Is this how Zimbabwe is expected to achieve Mnangagwa’s envisioned Vision 2030?
Environmental journalists and the journalism profession are at a crossroad, with the profession more dangerous than ever before.
It may also mean that global economies have found opportunities in some of the major wars with the economic benefits far outweighing the negative impacts
When we greet people, their most obvious response is “I am fine!” Stop and think. What does that really mean? Most people settle in that zone called fine. It is generally good.
Complaining or murmuring is fertile ground for not realising the promises of God.
It was curious that the main opposition party did not give a solidarity statement at the May Day celebrations at Gwanzura Stadium in Highfield, Harare.
Some journalists understandably believe they are targeted by Israeli forces.
By AMH Voices May. 4, 2024
As the current wild season is almost on its periphery, ahead of us is yet another exciting winter season for winter cropping to which participating farmers are currently gearing up.
You might solve some puzzles, answer questions, or use blocks or computers for tasks that seem simple but reveal a lot about how your brain processes information.
From the moment we are born, our names begin to shape our identities.
Also, the statutory instruments recently enacted to shield parastatals from public scrutiny undermine public trust in our financial governance.  
According to the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ), about 90% of road accidents are a result of human error.
A lot could be learnt from African tradition that had its own ways of identifying talents, gifts and passions within children from a tender age.
A truly listening president ought have discerned the essence of the apprehension of citizenry on the introduction of ZiG. Granted, citizenry is distraught as it can sense a bad omen.