In the face of community social, health and environmental crises, disability inclusion and management hold immense potential for transforming challenges into opportunities.
Now that climate change is not a distant threat anymore but a present reality with no warnings necessary, no amount of disinformation will help to mask the reality.
The nature of economic relations between the Global North and the Global South have always been detrimental to the latter.
The cheap labour which violated human and labour rights is what attracted European and American corporates to China.
The AfDB estimates that between US$130 and US$170 billion is needed for infrastructural development every year, leaving a substantial financing gap of US$68 to US$108 billion.
The exact origins of Solitaire are shrouded in the mists of time, making it challenging to pinpoint its exact birthplace
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By Newsday Nov. 25, 2023
It is not far to see where this is coming from. It is coming direct from Washington. Mnangagwa is trying hard to please the Bretton Woods Institutions.
Governments have failed their citizens because they have not served the citizens but have become more powerful than the citizens they are supposed to serve.
Being born into the natural world is entering into a fallen state.
Greenwashing and hypocrisy won’t be well-received by audiences who are attentive to these issues.
Personalized and adaptive learning offers a host of advantages for children, ensuring a tailored educational journey that suits their unique needs;
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By Newsday Nov. 24, 2023
While all children’s rights are important, the significance of participation rights is often understated and underrepresented.
Zifa was told long back to put its house in order. The problem has been recurring for a long time.
Everyone should enjoy the highest attainable standard of health without distinction on the basis of race, religion, political beliefs, economic or social condition.
The 2023 IF programme will include Masterclasses, ideas panels, fireside chats and an Ideas Tank for entrepreneurs to pitch their exciting business ideas.
The government must also support implementation of an entrepreneurship affirmative policy that addresses the gender gap in entrepreneurship.
Consolidating government initiatives will also enhance effective utilisation of resources for purposes of getting results from networked and synergised initiatives.
There is neither rhyme nor reason for the murder of CCC activist, Tapfumaneyi Masaya.
Analysts note that it is important to share evidence-based research, data, and success stories that demonstrate the positive impact of disability inclusive and management practices.
People love visuals. It's why marketers use videos, images and animation to lure audiences.
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By Newsday Nov. 20, 2023
The pastor was found on Sunday lying dead at the intersection of Arcturus and Lobo roads in the Cleveland area.
While this energy supply disruption is yet to occur, the current increase in fuel prices is a result of panic and speculation that supplies from oil-rich countries could be affected.
These discussions could be emotive but are necessary in a democracy and the promotion of transparency and accountability.
These are the typical “click-bait” stories. You have to be careful with these, as stories that do not fit the mission (and can be found elsewhere) can dilute your value proposition.
The way may be blocked, but the destination is open. Look around and opt for the yawning wide open second door.
Leadership requires serious thinking. Think creatively, critically and carefully. The results we see around us are just a manifestation of a thought s that was put into action.
Parents of children with epilepsy should also be helped to connect with epilepsy associations for moral, social, intellectual, medical, counselling and emotional support.
I cannot be part of this kind of politics and encourage fellow countryfolk to wise up.
Nation-building quality conversations, broad-based economic development and prosperity can only be powered by a vibrant marketplace of ideas.
Strengthening water infrastructure remains critical in reducing the impact of many of the communicable diseases.
Your Excellency, your closing remarks at the recent Zanu PF conference that your party was committed to accelerating development were idle chatter.
The Western education system that has been borrowed by African countries knows the cut-off point in qualifications at each level.
Those who remain only hope that politicians will not make them targets for scapegoating.
HR executives have faith that incorporating AI into HR administrative functions will benefit and improve the overall employee experience.
Ever since President Emmerson Mnangagwa was declared the winner of the August 2023 harmonised elections, talk have been rife of his intention to amend the Constitution.
The lack of clean water poses a serious challenge for schoolgirls in effectively managing their menstrual cycles.
In its response, the party blames it all on the ruling party as if it is owed a favour.
Many online casinos offer free demos and trial versions of their games. Take advantage of these opportunities to hone your sk
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By Newsday Nov. 12, 2023
The arbitrary abductions have to a larger extent exposed  the entire intelligence system in Zimbabwe which in my view should be held in high esteem.
After ensuring that families are fed, remittances are used mostly to fund health and education expenses.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ or the Grace of God announces to hearers and delivers to resultant believers and partakers the finished or accomplished work of Christ.
Leadership is generally not this straight line, but it is defined by small connections that add up to something great.
This self-proclaimed CCC interim secretary-general recalled 15 members of the opposition, thereby causing by-elections which are set to be held on December 9, 2023.
By AMH Voices Nov. 10, 2023
Educators must recognise that academic success is not solely determined by cognitive abilities, but also by emotional well-being, resilience, empathy and social skills.
Nestled in East London, Hemingways goes beyond gaming with a family-friendly entertainment centre, a movie cinema, and a diverse range of dining options.
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By Newsday Nov. 10, 2023
Wermter had the guts to criticise colleagues or seniors whose personal views tended to dilute the basic principles of the church.
Zimbabwe should focus on building economic shock absorbers and economic resilience by building a strong production base.
The World Health Organisation put forward six building blocks constituting the health system and failure of one pillar means a shambolic and shaky structure.
It compromises his professionalism if the general were to chant party slogans and don party regalia as the norm at politburo meetings
This will ensure they are able to detect media bias and disinformation while becoming informed citizens who can make better choices and decisions.