When we realise this, all we do is accept with thanksgiving and unrestrained worship. It’s not about you, it’s all about Jesus for your enjoyment.
Across all our facilities, we put water protection plans in place so our presence doesn’t harm communities’ vital water resources.
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The 2023 budget was crafted on the assumption that the ZWL/USD rate would be 950:1.
Research is showing growth in digital news consumption, including advertising.
Now that you know how you are supposed to serve the world, put action to it
But many stayed on in the small housing on the farms, and some are still there today.
Political parties and candidates need to know the kind of content that people consume and interact with on a daily basis.
The promises of rule of law,  constitutionalism, and respect of human rights have not been fulfilled.
By AMH Voices Jun. 9, 2023
In light of the foregoing, it is argued that mental colonisation is the biggest obstacle in African  development.
Myths reinforce illusions and illusions propagate lies leading to national self-immolation.
The Patriot Bill is about protecting the Zanu PF government from criticism — it serves no public interest.
The country should have a drug supply chain that is solid in terms of reliability, responsiveness and agility.
Citizens are expected to buy wheat bread using incomes from other sources including selling small grains, indigenous fruits and tubers.
The proclamation ends a period of hope that began following the 2018 harmonised election where political parties
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But the July 31, 2018 post-election violence and the January 2019 anti-fuel price hike protests made us think twice.
By AMH Voices Jun. 7, 2023
These have resulted in the reduction of the amount of food produced, leaving millions of Zimbabweans food insecure.
The ruling Zanu PF party has dashed hopes before — remember the optimism in 2018 after Mnangagwa overthrew Robert Mugabe in a military coup?
Granted, Tuesday last week was a sad day for citizenry as your threat to cut short lives of the opposition was given teeth through legislation.
These methods are used to treat cancer, individually or in conjunction with each other in order to produce the best result possible.
Believe me that ruling led to an increase in terminations of employment without disciplinary action, and this had also affected job security of permanent workers.
By the country’s National Assembly passing the much-loathed so-called “Patriot Bill”, Zimbabwe has effectively joined the unenviable international “Hall of Shame”.
2023 elections are being held with no legal reforms given the fact that the Constitution requires election of everyone to be in accordance with the electoral law
By AMH Voices Jun. 5, 2023
Globalisation has captured in its scale the economic and social changes that have come about as a result.
There is generally lack of intrinsic value bestowed upon planned urban forestry growth or taking care of the trees that already exist as municipalities plan and design urban settlements.
At the time of the GI Bill’s passing, approximately 70% of universities and vocational training college attendees, were US veterans whose fees were being paid by the US government.
By AMH Voices Jun. 3, 2023
Africa needs such creative rulers who can enact laws that will help them to munch freely no matter what.
The Old Testament consisted of demands carrying blessings for obedience. Trespass brought punishment.
We cannot help but also be reminded of another important stakeholder in all this election drama – the Zimbabwe Electoral commission (Zec).
ZLHR notes that some of the penalties are manifestly unconstitutional.
By AMH Voices Jun. 2, 2023
I will also postulate on what could be driving youth political apathy.
I can bet my last dollar that barely two hours after Ncube left these shops, new US dollars price tags were already up.
Based on publicly available data, our recent paper shows that, today, private landholders conserve over half of South Africa’s white rhinos.
Melbet representatives use modern security measures to protect information.
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By Newsday Jun. 1, 2023
The report exposes one of the worst evils of humankind going back to the pre-colonial era.
The Clemency Order gave amnesty to different categories of prisoners throughout Zimbabwe.
By AMH Voices Jun. 1, 2023
This kind of political grandstanding and posturing is barbaric and tantamount to thuggish behaviour.
True, Adesina was aware of the sanctions narrative. Yet, he did not entertain it. Methinks he mentioned sanctions diplomatically to assuage your ego.
You should avoid them because, more often than not, they are bogus and fraudulent business ventures.
In fact, there are now specialist traders on packaging, including plastic polybags used to pack chilli pepper, okra and other commodities.
This was followed on  May 15 by the high-level bebt resolution forum attended by Adesina and Chissano.
How the Kenyan government arrived at this decision and its implications
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By Newsday May. 30, 2023
Under the leadership of Mnangagwa, we have witnessed so many scandals perpetrated by senior government officials.
By AMH Voices May. 30, 2023
Global initiatives emphasise that integration is key to creating educational opportunities for all pupils and to combating stigma and discriminatory attitudes.
We are living in times of uncertainty, and many people are stressed, anxious and depressed, especially considering the price of labour which has been overtaken by costs of goods and services.
The continent is bearing the brunt of the climate crisis, with effects ranging from expanding desertification, salinisation of croplands due to floods.
The country goes for an average 20 hours each day without electricity, and most urban areas enduring months or years with no tap water in their homes.
While narrowcasting is viewed as having a narrow appeal, practically it offers broad appeal in terms of conversion and persuasive rate.
In this instalment, the focus is on the justice and legal system in South Africa.
Africa cannot and will not compete with other continents if it cannot govern itself better.
By AMH Voices May. 29, 2023