Whatever will be discussed there will not be in the interest of the environment and global adaptations but political self-centredness.
Mitigation and adaptation require substantial financial injections and that is where climate finance comes in
Nigeria is another African country with great potential to be among the Brics countries
Attempts to interrogate and address issues of climate change appear to have failed to factor in climate justice issues effectively and sufficiently.
While COP27 is supposed to build upon the outcomes of COP26, quite a number of things have changed dramatically since Glasgow COP26.
It is significant in this regard, to practise value addition through preserving food using traditional methods or integrating traditional method
It is the power and instrumental nature of cartoons that knows no boundary, higher office or status on the land.
Generally, ecotourism explores the potentially-positive social and environmental benefits of ecological tourism.
The discourse of today, whether real or mere greenwash, points towards transition from fossil fuels to clean energy transition or low carbon economies.
Loss and damage, including fossil fuel burning have witnessed negotiating partners developing a cat and mouse relationship at the just ended COP27.
The events that lead to COP27, witnessed slow progress, with rich countries blocking progress on the sticking issue of loss and damage.
It is not yet clear how many millions or thousands of tree seedlings found their roots firmly in the soils of Zimbabwe this time around.