It’s never enough to adapt.  Adaptation is mainly caused by external factors.
INFORMATION plays a key role in any organisation. The speed, spread and incredible growth rate of online information is a clear indication that information is critical.
Some walk towards it, but when things become tough they give up. Some say: not everyone is successful, so why worry? And they complain and blame everyone but themselves.
WE can’t downplay the power of thinking. Any type of thinking that is slower than the change of times and or technology is dangerous.
To increase your value, increase the time you spend on your purpose.
Feedback helps the company improve performance, learn faster, and increase ideas.
You might be thinking that probably there is more love out there than in your marriage.
Most leaders want to spell out their dreams, aspirations and vision
Communication must be intentional and planned.
When COVID-19 hit, we had to learn everythingon the go. The danger was when someone adopted a wait-and-see attitude.
We have leaders who love to be in meetings discussing the previous minutes and regurgitating an old set of rituals and rules. Is there thinking in that?
Leaders fail to accept that they are not permanent
The important question is: Do you have that amount in your account? Take time and think about that for a moment.