At local level, there is now a growing tendency to cruise on common sense or hinging decisions on shallow and hollow opinions.
To some, this is one of the best investments.
These changes will be costly and disruptive mainly amid imminent company closures, bank closures, uniform updates and others.
It is a sophisticated system of subtle oppression that enslaves people unaware.
The expansion of global markets liberalises the economic activities of the exchange of goods and funds.
For starters, borrowed money comes with conditions, some of them too prescriptive to the extent of undermining governments by determining how they should run their affairs.
The Zimbabwean situation is a typical example where the emergency approach to addressing a power problem ended up running down the entire system beyond restoration.
During the past decades, most African economies have struggled to achieve meaningful economic growth rates owing to several reasons.
The sanctions story is a damp squib that has been allowed to grow into a thing of relevance even when its details
The Conference of the Parties (COP) has been held annually since the first climate agreement in 1992.
The role of common sense is to help make judgements and conclusions quickly and move to the next stage
It would also mean putting aside human rights, democracy and the freedoms that humanity has achieved thus far.
Political representation is at the core of democracy, equality and economic development for many societies