They are self-centred and seek political office for self-aggrandisment.
There have been wild estimates in the media that over three million Zimbabweans are in South Africa and nearly 4,5 million are outside the country.
The duo have now clocked over 80 days in detention and their trial is only slated for November 21, 2022.
QUEEN Elizabeth II’s death has touched different people differently considering Britain’s colonial legacy of plunder and the monarch’s indifference to those atrocities.
However, robust debates and upholding of the constitution should be the guiding light.
Mugabe started off as a Marxist-Leninist, implementing what he termed scientific socialism.
Privatisation of water has long been in the making, with many local authorities trying to implement, without success, pre-paid water meters.
ZANU PF has sent the greatest hint that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is ready to hit the ground running.
The guiding principle was equal pay for equal work and to bring decency into working.
NONE gave the Chevrons a chance against Pakistan in a Super 12 stage at the T20 Cricket World Cup currently underway in Australia
Let us look at what he could possibly do. The first thing Ncube would do is to look like a prudential exchequer.
As a pragmatic plan to control carbon gas emissions, clean renewable energy is now at the centre of all production.
Currently, the Commonwealth has 56 members and a population of nearly 2,5 billion, thanks to India which has close to nearly half of the people in the group.