Poor infrastructure and lack of opportunities for people in the region have long been cited by critics as proof of Matabeleland’s marginalisation.
Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said investigations were underway.
‘Govt averse to human rights reforms’
Arrest prosecutors Reza, Mutsokoti: Mtetwa
The UN said healing and closure for the survivors of the civil strife were far from being realised because the NPRC has not performed its constitutional responsibilities.
Mehta said the farmers were supposed to serve fresh summons to Zimbabwe pointing out that the original summons were improperly addressed.
Tobacco sales slide 1,7%
The Loxodonta Africana are red-listed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature as endangered species.
Legal experts told NewsDay that courts must be independent, adding that their decisions must not be influenced by politics.
GOVERNMENT has amended the State Universities Act to allow for the uniform appointment of university councils among others. 
The duo have now clocked over 80 days in detention and their trial is only slated for November 21, 2022.
Economist Victor Boroma said the shortage of the local currency on the market was detrimental to consumer confidence
CCC deputy spokesperson Gift Siziba said Ncube’s statement exposed Zanu PF’s fear of electoral defeat in the 2023 elections.