As I see it, there is no other citizenry in the region, not even the Swati, which has ever been so systematically down-trodden and cast to the crocodiles as Zimbabweans.
As I see it, your ally, the Equatorial Guinea President Teodoro Obiang Nguema was not at all speaking in jest when he told you that you cannot be in power and lose an election.
It is likely that most born-frees will never experience the ease and delight of accomplishment and contentment.
Duly, your statement that you were aware that some observer missions went beyond their call of duty was devoid of sincerity.
As I see it, the moral imperative that is conspicuous by its absence is that of accountability and credibility. Yet, this era of uncertainty warrants conscientious leadership.
Your Excellency, in view of the tainted legitimacy of your Presidency, methinks it would be a positive turning point towards statesmanship if you were to embrace the diasporas.
 With all due respect, it is honourable for you to resign. Farewell, Comrade ED.
There is credible evidence that they were a sham, held under a characteristically undemocratic environment.
Clarity was bound to dawn that you do not subscribe to democracy.
Surely, the conscience of Sadc took a permanent leave of absence.
He lamented the two decades since the imposition of the targeted sanctions which he said were characterised by the inability of the people of Zimbabwe to fully achieve their potential as a nation.
Your Excellency, your closing remarks at the recent Zanu PF conference that your party was committed to accelerating development were idle chatter.
There is neither rhyme nor reason for the murder of CCC activist, Tapfumaneyi Masaya.