There is an urgent need for prison reform and infrastructure modernisation.
There is still no consensus on the form and extent of the crucial reforms that would make elections in Zimbabwe credible and move the country forward.
Chamisa is overly aware of this lethal effect of sanctions on Zimbabwe but because he sees them as a weapon to fight his way to State power.
Colonialists knew the unifying power of language. When the British colonised the land between the Zambezi and the Limpopo, they found indigenous populations at war with each other.
Bitcoin — a new tool for privacy and freedom of transaction
At this moment what Zimbabwe needs cannot be achieved by one person or one political party.
It is not too late for President Emmerson Mnangagwa to rise above #thisandthatforED and do the tough but crucial job of leading all Zimbabweans.
Has the media in Zimbabwe over the years taken a stance that works for the resolution of the conflict, or has it worked to aggravate the situation?
The full potential of our economy will only be realised once land, our biggest asset after our people, is made bankable again.
Low salaries are no defence for the debasing of this otherwise very noble profession.
It was foolish to depend so much on Kariba South Power Station because hydropower stations are always seasonal.
Petty officialdom, and crass rudeness are some of the experiences I have had when dealing with government officials.
This culture starts from home, the education system, the workplace and permeates all facets of national discourse.