Letter to my people: War vets history repeating itself

As you are aware, I am not a big fan of the war veterans for the manner they insulted my family and I and the role they played in Baba’s demise.



Last week I told you that Launchmore learnt nothing and forgot nothing from Baba and the events of the past few days vindicate me.

A group of war veterans were arrested for demonstrating against the government for better allowances.

As you are aware, I am not a big fan of the war veterans for the manner they insulted my family and I and the role they played in Baba’s demise.

I reserve my venom for the verbose Chris and Vic, who some say is not a real war vet, but was just a taxi driver in Zambia during the war.

Anyway, with the benefit of hindsight, when former police chief, Augustin tear gassed those pesky freedom fighters, it was the beginning of the end for Baba.

Launchmore is making the same mistakes that Baba made and the road to 2023 might be too long for him if he continues at this pace.

Look, it was just 40 or so war veterans and what harm would they have done really to public peace?

I would like to say that the war vets deserved an ear in terms of their allowances, but that is a very entitled lot and I am not sorry for their plea.

Had it not been for the war vets, I would probably be your first female president kkk.

But if Launchmore is any wise, he would not treat the war vets the way he is treating them right now and would do well to bring them onto his side.

Baba did well with Hunzvi, who was really a pain in the neck and took to embarrassing Zimbabwe’s supreme leader at public functions.

Baba did not harass Hunzvi and his ragtag lot and instead paid them lots of money and bought their allegiance for decades.

However, I hope that Launchmore isn’t tempted to pay them more money because what is left of this economy will just collapse.

Arresting inflation or businesspersons?

Just to show that Launchmore did not learn anything, the police have started arresting business people that are accused of fuelling the black market.

This is exactly what Baba and GG did around 2006 and we all know how that ended. Anyway, this is a story for another day.

Narrow view of sanctions

Alena Douhan, from Belarus, spent the 10 days as a guest of the state, as she came to assess the impact of sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Zanu PF now has a scapegoat for the next year, where we will be drowned by propaganda on how the United Nations has condemned sanctions against the country.

But looking at her initial itinerary, it was clear that Alena would literally sing from the same hymn book as Zanu PF.

She insisted on sticking to her mandate — the impact of sanctions — which was so narrow and almost pointless.

Alena was not interested in what caused the sanctions, she was not interested in how Zimbabweans were suffering thanks to Zanu PF policies and corruption and human rights abuses were at the bottom of her priority list.

Had she expanded her mandate and not been as narrow as she tried, she would have seen that sanctions are not as bad as the havoc that Zanu PF has wrought on this country.

She even accused civil society organisations that declined to meet her because they feared reprisals from the state as suffering from “over compliance”. What rubbish.

Obviously, she didn’t bother to listen to the dozens of speeches from Zanu PF leaders threatening NGOs, she has no clue of the PVO Bill that will curtail the work of civil society and she is oblivious to the Patriot Bill that Zanu PF tends to resuscitate every few months.

And in addition, she has not heard of how the illegal office of the provincial development coordinator tried to force NGOs to run things past that office.

No, ma’am Alena, fear of reprisals from the state is not over compliance, it’s the reality that Zimbabweans live with regularly.

Oh and Alena’s statement on Zimbabwe looks quite similar to what she wrote about Venezuela and Syria.

If I was a sceptic, I would accuse her of being on the payroll of despots.

Fake iPhone 13

Towards Baba’s last days, I was in the eye of a storm over an expensive ring that I bought. This is irrelevant to today’s discussion, kkk.

But, I thought of this story when I saw a 24 carat gold iPhone 13 said to have been acquired for Ngwena.

Well, I can only say that I hope this won’t end in tears.

What caught my eye is that whoever procured that monstrosity went out of their way to show us that it was original.

But being a connoisseur of fine things, yeah, you know me, I knew something was wrong from the off and I looked closer.

The spelling of the word “authenticity” is wrong. It’s spelt as “aunthenticity”.

No one who makes genuine 24 carat gold ornaments would make such a mistake and for me that was a red flag.

Anyway, I am accused of having a fake PhD. Launchmore has a fake iPhone 13 24 carat gold case.

We are all fakes, kkk.

Stop It!!!!!!


Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (FAKE)

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