The struggle in the ghetto is real

Someone whom I did not know was trying to represent our ward as our next councillor.
By Onie Ndoro Mar. 25, 2023

Money comes and goes, but your manhood stays with you

The big lesson was to be a man of integrity all the time. Money comes and goes, but family will always be there, through thick and thin.
By Onie Ndoro Mar. 19, 2023

Ill-gotten money gets you nowhere!

While Fatso was doing his thing on the dance floor and holding a quart of beer in one hand above his head, I could not help, but look at Danny our benefactor.
By Onie Ndoro Feb. 26, 2023

Ghetto Dances: The fate of the Turkey, Syria earthquake

She sold vegetables at her market which greatly supplemented our income. 
By Onie Ndoro Feb. 12, 2023

Ghetto Dances: The day Fatso stole my business idea

The moment I tendered my resignation I felt some relief.
By Onie Ndoro Feb. 5, 2023