Karoi water meters vandal denied bail

It is the State case that on October 13 this year, Mazhaka went to a house in Chikangwe where he allegedly broke a prepaid water meter belonging to Joel Zilala.
By Nhau Mangirazi Nov. 20, 2023

Name, shame huge water bill defaulters

It is our considered view that Zinwa needs to be more aggressive as opposed to sweet-talking debtors who are threatening its and our very own survival.
By Newsday Nov. 10, 2023

US$27,3m debts choke Zinwa

Among other debtors which owe Zinwa millions of dollars are ministries, local authorities, parastatals, government departments and individuals.
By Problem Masau Nov. 9, 2023

Environmentalist pushes for de-siltation of dams

Recently, the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) dismissed claims that Bulawayo dams were silted, resulting in perennial water shortages in the city.
By Silas Nkala Nov. 4, 2023

Gwayi-Shangani Dam 70% complete, says Zinwa

It was first mooted in 1912, and over 100 years later now, the project is yet to be completed.
By Silas Nkala Oct. 8, 2023

Muckracker: From a genius plan for Harare to a siltation gala

Indeed, people will flock from all around the world to see this marvel of poor environmental management.
By Muckracker Sep. 29, 2023

Letters: Let’s make Zim agric, mining sectors work again

However, for deficit-producing regions, own-produced stocks will be short-lived due to low production.
By Amh Voices Aug. 2, 2023

Zinwa, residents clash over US$10 water charge

Zinwa spokesperson Marjorie Munyonga said fixed charges had always been a standard feature for water tariffs.
By Silas Nkala Jul. 17, 2023

Byo dams not silted: Zinwa

Some of the dams usually last up to July or August with drawable water.
By Silas Nkala Jun. 20, 2023