The curious case of targeted sanctions

That was Mugabe, a whole head of state and government and commander-in-chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces imagining his ideological speeches without political reality.
By Sharon Hofisi Mar. 15, 2024

Chiwenga’s military ties raise securocracy fears

Critics raised fears that if Chiwenga assumed the presidency, he could easily turn Zimbabwe into a full-fledged securocratic State.v
By Problem Masau Dec. 28, 2023

Soldiers charged for embarrassing ED named

The handover ceremony took place at Inkomo Mechanised Brigade in Zvimba last week.
By Problem Masau Dec. 22, 2023

ED cracks whip on top soldiers

The officer commanding Inkomo Barracks Mechanised Brigade was demoted, while several majors were transferred and pending court-martial for failing to control their troops.
By Problem Masau Dec. 19, 2023

Mnangagwa’s series of blunders blight presidency

Mnangagwa made the surprise appointment of the army boss as an ex-officio member of his party’s politburo at the Zanu PF annual conference held in Gweru last month.
By Priveledge Gumbodete Nov. 26, 2023

Remain loyal to your country, Mnangagwa urges soldiers

This comes amid reports that morale in the security services is at its lowest due to low budgetary support which has led some to engage in criminal activities.
By Lorraine Muromo Nov. 23, 2023

Why Mnangagwa dropped General Sibanda

The politburo is where key decisions relating to the running of the ruling party and government are made.
By Kenneth Nyangani Nov. 19, 2023

Soldiers’ morale hits rock bottom

Mayihlome pleaded with Treasury to fund the ministry and improve living conditions for members of the defence forces.
By Harriet Chikandiwa Nov. 6, 2023

Massive shake-up of securocrats looms

In briefings this week, sources said several top bosses were reaching retirement age, hence the looming changes.
By Tinashe Makichi and Freeman Makopa Oct. 27, 2023