Letters: A review of the August 23 elections

While the ruling Zanu PF party may argue that the elections were free and fair due to lack of widespread violence, we must not allow ourselves to be deceived by this façade.
By Amh Voices Sep. 25, 2023

Rampant abductions promoting lawlessness

It is, therefore, in Mnangagwa’s best interests that this abduction and torture menace be nipped in the bud as it soils his administration.
By Newsday Sep. 25, 2023

‘Drugs expose users to HIV’

A recent study by the Zimbabwe Civil Liberties and Drug Network revealed that women who use drugs face unique challenges and vulnerabilities which require specialised care and support.
By Vanessa Gonye Sep. 12, 2023

Disputed polls spell doom for Zim, economists say

“Regionally, the relationships are not too bad and we can do so much to trade with one another and support one another economically.
By Tafadzwa Mhlanga Sep. 6, 2023

Zimbabwe Parliment? Meet Ekenia Chifamba.

The program cohort included leaders from various countries, all working towards the shared goal of improved societies. For Ms. Chifamba, that work focuses specifically on the empowerment of girls.
By Global Diplomacy Sep. 5, 2023

A time to decide

The voter has two choices: either retain those whose mandate has expired or try a new combination.
By Newsday Aug. 23, 2023

More to peace for free, fair and credible elections

The rural dwellers always fear that the ruling party will repeat the horrors of the 1970s liberation war if it loses an election.
By Tendai Ruben Mbofana Aug. 22, 2023

Post-election policy risks hinge on monetary policy: OMIG

Zimbabwe is holding polls on Wednesday and pockets of violence have been reported across the country, amid fears of a violent plebiscite.
By Mthandazo Nyoni Aug. 22, 2023

I’m winning this election: ED

Mnangagwa said Zanu PF would wind up its campaigns in Midlands, his home province on Saturday.
By Kenneth Nyangani Aug. 17, 2023