World View: Ukraine: The outlook

If the analogy of the First World War is relevant, then the next step, for one side or the other, is military mutiny and/or political collapse.
By Gwynne Dyer Apr. 26, 2024

‘Shifting market conditions constraining PGMs output’

Russia is a major producer of platinum group metals (PGMs). The unfolding crisis has resulted in production and supply chain disruptions impacting negatively on the global supply of PGMs.
By Tinashe Kairiza Mar. 22, 2024

Zimbo mercenaries fighting in Ukraine

Political analyst Pardon Taodzera said the participation of Zimbabwean mercenaries in Ukraine is worrying since Zimbabwe is known to be pro-Russian.
By Problem Masau Mar. 18, 2024

Proplastics revenue up 5%

According to the company’s trading update, sales volumes rose by 25% to 4 987 tonnes on the similar period in 2022.
By Belinda Chiroodza Feb. 5, 2024

The flipside to Israel-Hamas war

One can conclude, therefore, that Hamas has become a victim of its own success it allowed its hatred for Israel to cloud its better, more practical and intelligent judgement.
By Ignatius Tsuro Feb. 2, 2024

China’s year of strategic decline

The China rise story over the last 40 years has been based on economic and military growth, with help from the US and others.
By Deccan Herald Jan. 5, 2024

Global wars should help drive domestic economies

Today the world is seized with yet another war in the Middle East as if the war in Ukraine is over or does not matter anymore.
By Tapiwa Gomo Dec. 11, 2023

Global economy to slow down in 2024

While this energy supply disruption is yet to occur, the current increase in fuel prices is a result of panic and speculation that supplies from oil-rich countries could be affected.
By Tapiwa Gomo Nov. 20, 2023

World View: Ukraine: The ‘Big Push’ fails

Fifty days later, those obscure villages are still being mentioned every day as the location of ongoing clashes between Ukrainian and Russian forces
By Gwynne Dyer Nov. 10, 2023