When closure takes forever

However, out of this entire debacle we believe Zimbabweans should learn a major lesson: Tolerance to others’ political opinions and inclinations.
By Newsday 10h ago

Campfire benefits villagers

The project was seen as a vehicle for job creation, empowerment and diversification of livelihoods for rural communities.
By Patricia Sibanda 10h ago

Security firm boss in US$1m fraud

The complainant then reported the matter to the police.
By Desmond Chingarande 10h ago

When naivety plays tricks with a young soul

Adrian was making out with a girl who had just transferred to their school, but no one knew a lot about her  because she was aloof.
By Lorraine Muromo 10h ago

Fresh calls to revisit Mgagao massacre

Zanla and Zipra had combined to form the Zimbabwe People’s Army to fight the Ian Smith regime in then Rhodesia when a conflict broke out between the two groups.
By Patricia Sibanda Feb. 20, 2024

EcoCash expands merchant channel partnerships

EcoCash says it has widened its merchant channel partnerships
By Admin Feb. 19, 2024

Feature: Farmers’ hope wilt as crops wither under drought’s grip

The World Food Programme warns that nearly eight million people in Zimbabwe face hunger, a number that could rise if the rains do not come soon.
By Problem Masau Feb. 19, 2024

Daisy Mukariri preaches salvation in new album

The albums carries nine tracks which are Ziso, Fake Evidence, Husband Manyama, Jaya Mupfumi, Uchasvika Kure, Zvadirwa Sugar, Mundipenyere, Kururama and Ndodurura.
By Style Reporter Feb. 18, 2024

Blueberry rush in Zimbabwe: Opportunities and arbitrages

Blueberry production is labour-intensive and carrying out operations in Zimbabwe where the labour cost is three times less than in South Africa significantly lowers the cost of production.
By Nyasha J Kavhiza Feb. 18, 2024