The case for the Zim diaspora vote

Zimbabwe has benefited from diaspora remittances but those forced to relocate are denied the right to vote.
By Trevor Ncube Jul. 27, 2023

Heat waves and tipping points

Last month was the planet's hottest June on record, and probably the hottest in about 12,000 years.
By Gwynne Dyer Jul. 21, 2023

Earthquake opens Pandora’s box in Turkey

The conundrum brought about by the asymmetric event to the Turkish economy and geopolitics cannot be ignored.
By Sapien Sapien Feb. 24, 2023

Please help us: Turkey appeals to Zim in earthquake aftermath

The powerful earthquake that shook Turkey and Syria is among the deadliest quakes in recent history.
By Problem Masau Feb. 15, 2023

Will humanity have the capacity to predict earthquakes?

Japan cope with numerous powerful quakes that would have caused massive death toll and destruction on property.
By Tapiwa Gomo Feb. 13, 2023

Zim students stuck in Turkey

The European country has, however, distanced itself from the jailing of the students.
By Melody Chikono and Tinashe Kairiza Sep. 16, 2022