The impact of generative AI on business 2024

AI is helping employees channel their energy in directions that are more productive and effective for companies of all scales.
By Newsday Jan. 17, 2024

Busting climate change misconceptions in African agriculture

This misconception hinders efforts to address climate change and promote sustainable agricultural practices.
By Takudzwanashe Mundenga Jul. 28, 2023

Challenges of running manual payroll systems

Manual payroll computation refers to the process of calculating and processing a payroll by hand.
By Emmanuel Zvada Mar. 14, 2023

Gender imbalances haunt women: UN

UN country representative Fatou Lo said the gender digital gap in African countries would negatively affect women.
By Emmah Nhancumba and Tatenda Manyinyire Mar. 7, 2023

The future of HR —2023 and beyond

The future of HR looks agile, digital and fast. HR must now embrace the digital revolution, lead HR transformations and engage employees to reap the benefits.
By Emmanuel Zvada Jan. 3, 2023

Issues to consider for your comms strategy in 2023

Communicators can help them navigate the ever-changing landscape and develop strategies that will allow them to communicate effectively with their target audiences.
By Lenox Lizwi Mhlanga Nov. 27, 2022

Farmers must exhaust the satellite debate

Technological advancement has over the past decade made farming much easier than it used to be.
By Kudakwashe Gwabanayi Nov. 11, 2022