Govt declares war against barons

Illegal land invasions have resulted in wars between legal owners and duped land seekers.
By Brent Shamu Apr. 9, 2024

Forum challenges order to stifle NGOs

“We request that you immediately issue a circular to withdraw the one dated 17 January 2024 by Thursday, 1 February 2024.” 
By Staff Reporter Jan. 25, 2024

Editorial Comment: Shedding crocodile tears

It is not the first time that government has threatened to install commissions to run the affairs of local authorities.
By Newsday Jan. 19, 2024

Harare land barons rule the roost

Gama said council would deal with the illegal settlements on a case by case basis to determine the ones that would be demolished and those to be spared.
By Winstone Antonio Nov. 29, 2023

Stricter measures needed to rein in councillors

This comes barely a week after Harare Metropolitan secretary for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Tafadzwa Muguti, warned against profligacy at the expense of service delivery.
By Newsday Sep. 26, 2023

Give elected councillors space to discharge their duties

The proverb was replayed this week after Harare Provincial Affairs and Devolution secretary Tafadzwa Muguti threatened to appoint commissions if local authorities fail.
By Newsday Sep. 22, 2023

Be proud of your culture, govt urges youths

Frank Porte, European Union head of co-operation in Zimbabwe said the Zimbabwe National Arts Council and the European Union supported the celebration of the country’s rich cultural diversity.
By Tendai Sauta Jun. 14, 2023

Harare suburbs morph into cholera hotspots

Harare Provincial Affairs and Devolution secretary Tafadzwa Muguti yesterday urged residents to be on high alert for symptoms of cholera.
By Vanessa Gonye and Emma Nhancumba May. 23, 2023

Harare cholera cases shoot to 288

Provincial and Devolution secretary Tafadzwa Muguti said in a statement on Saturday that the figures were as of May 19, 2023.
By Tafadzwa Kachiko May. 22, 2023