Lupane University students threaten to boycott classes over fees

The Zimbabwe Congress of Students Union (Zicosu) Matabeleland North council urged students to boycott lessons to force LSU to slash the fees.
By Innocent Magondo Sep. 3, 2023

‘Great content creators full of pride’

Advanced Level student at Manunure High School, Marshkeed Vines said he was working towards improving the video quality of his productions.
By Zvikomborero Magogo Aug. 29, 2023

Economy fuelling drug abuse: Students

Over the past few years Zimbabwe has been battling an unprecedented increase in drug abuse, especially by students in institutions of higher learning.
By Loraine Ndebele Aug. 3, 2023

What schools must also teach

Also our school system is not doing much in teaching students entrepreneurship, that's why you always hear most school-leavers saying,
By Tinoziva Shonhiwa Jul. 20, 2023

Sikhala demo student out on ZW$200 000 bail

Chaburumunda was arrested on June 8 with the State saying they all committed an offence of defacing or spraying the walls.
By Kennedy Nyavaya Jul. 5, 2023

Students protest over ‘judicial capture’

“It’s a shame that the regime has reduced the mighty Zimbabwe to a circus,” Muguti said.
By Tatenda Manyinyire May. 17, 2023

Parent sues Zimsec for discrimination

Chikwanda is represented by Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) lawyer Paida Saurombe. 
By Priveledge Gumbodete May. 13, 2023

Re-imagining the workplace: The paradox of commitment in the workplace: Part 2

When looking at well-being in Zimbabwe, we have observed that most companies do not really consider the well-being of their employees.
By Bhekilizwe Bernard Ndlovu Apr. 9, 2023

IDBZ seeks US$1,5bn for infrastructure gaps

The announcement comes as the government is struggling to secure capital to fund critical infrastructure projects owing to reduced investor interest.
By Tatira Zwinoira Apr. 3, 2023