Israeli firm loses US$1,9m in currency changeover

Magic Software alleged that Nedbank’s officials specifically advised and confirmed that they would avail a “non-resident escrow account”.
By Desmond Chingarande Jul. 10, 2024

Role of military in the entrepreneurial ecosystem

The military is viewed as a key player in such an ecosystem. Its role has been recognised in several technological breakthroughs that have changed human life globally.
By Alexander Maune May. 16, 2023

Brand transferability in entrepreneurship

Our focus should be on maintaining ownership as we engage in brand transferability.
By Farai Chigora Apr. 30, 2023

Why You Should Invest in Quality Software Engineering Tools and Methods

Software engineering tools can help businesses improve customer satisfaction
By Newsday Mar. 7, 2023

MetaTrader 4 explained

Looking to take your Forex game to the next level? You need to check out MetaTrader 4.
By Newsday Feb. 10, 2023

Be at it dude

Information is the key to life and the key to information is technology – so we are told.
By Tim Middleton Dec. 4, 2022

India to press Apple, Samsung for faster 5G software upgrades in phones

Launch of 5G in the world's biggest mobile market after China will bring high speed internet to consumers, with simultaneous socio-economic benefits in sectors like agriculture and health.
By Reuters Oct. 12, 2022