Pro-Kremlin Disinformation in Zimbabwe: A mix of state and non-state actors’ influence

The close allegiance of ZANU PF and the Kremlin dating back to the struggle for Zimbabwe’s independence has necessitated a pro-Russian narrative.
By Newsday Jun. 11, 2024

ED’s team in diplomatic boob

This comes less than two weeks after the team was warned by President Mnangagwa for playing a “bad” version of Zimbabwe’s  national anthem at a function he was presiding over.
By Nunurai Jena Mar. 22, 2024

Ukraine: The generals aren’t the problem

Politics and, especially war, is so capricious and unpredictable that something often does turn up.
By Gwynne Dyer Feb. 16, 2024

Wagner group’s African contracts must be cancelled

Virtually everywhere that Wagner has operated human rights organisations, and the United Nations have uncovered evidence of mass rapes, murders and tortures.
By Radhika Ranchod Sep. 8, 2023

Ghetto Dances: 'Never get emotional in public or you risk losing your temper'

“Never get emotional in public or you risk losing your temper,” that had been the advice of the father of one of my friends when I was growing up
By Onie Ndoro Aug. 13, 2023

S.Africa mulls options on ICC arrest warrant for potential visitor Putin

The ICC has issued a warrant for Putin related to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and SA as an ICC member would theoretically be required to arrest him if he attends the BRICS summit.
By Reuters Jun. 1, 2023

Is SA drifting to the centre of multipolar political changes?

It is not clear if there is a connection between the Chinese decision and how the US has been acting up on South Africa since last week.
By Tapiwa Gomo May. 15, 2023

Media integrity in the era of populism

They even went on to label Al Jazeera News group as western-funded entity pursuing an agenda to undermine the sovereignty of Zimbabwe.
By Liam Kanhenga May. 5, 2023

Before the great Ukrainian offensive

Numbers matter, and Ukraine is still heavily outnumbered in tanks, artillery and air power
By World View Apr. 6, 2023