Unlocking growth: The journey of real estate investment trusts in Zimbabwe

With Zimbabwe’s real estate sector poised for growth, REITs present compelling avenues for investors to capitalize on this potential while enjoying attractive returns and income streams.
By Bekithemba Mpofu May. 19, 2024

Economic policies and REITs

These dynamics directly and immediately impact REITs, which rely on a stable economic environment to ensure consistent returns.
By Mike Juru May. 17, 2024

Zimbabwe’s capital markets: A comprehensive analysis of recent transformations and their implications

At the epicentre of Zimbabwe’s financial ecosystem stands the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE), serving as the fulcrum around which capital market dynamics revolve.
By Bekithemba Mpofu May. 5, 2024

Ceteris Paribus: REITs and stocks: which way to go?

This is opposed to the stock valuations on ZSE, which are at an all-time low due to currency fragility,
By Tinashe Duma Aug. 11, 2023

Interview: Capital markets players form REITS association

The recent launch of the REITs Association in Zimbabwe is a vote of confidence and a game changer.
By Shame Makoshori Aug. 4, 2023

Interview: VFEX targets to close year with 20 listings

Considering when we started the depository, two to three years ago, I think we have done well.
By Melody Chikono Jul. 28, 2023

ZSE Vat demand spooks REITs

"The challenge we are having on ZSE is that of taxation. Pension funds REITs are not liquid enough to pay for the Vat and claim it later on,” he told businessdigest.
By Melody Chikono Jul. 21, 2023

REITs as an alternative financing option

Piggy has also noted that rural-to-urban migration in Zimbabwe has led to a significant demand for affordable housing.
By Batanai Matsika Dec. 16, 2022