Govt choking us: CSOs

Project Vote 263 executive director Youngerson Matete said there was nothing wrong NGOs participating in politics because it is within the Constitution for them to do so.
By Lorraine Muromo May. 30, 2023

Zim @43: Portents of deepening authoritarian rule

The intervention by the military was named Operation Restore Legacy, but in reality, it was a coup in favour of the Emmerson Mnangagwa faction against their G40 opponents in Zanu PF.
By Brian Raftopoulos Apr. 20, 2023

Zim rights record spotlighted, again

According to a global report on civic freedoms published by Civicus Monitor, Zimbabwe is considered a repressed State alongside countries such as Cambodia and Sudan.
By Harriet Chikandiwa Mar. 23, 2023

PVOs Bill to create US$1bn blackhole

The controversial Bill will likely see some civil society organisations (CSOs) stopping their operations in Zimbabwe, while others may be forced to close shop, critics say.
By Evans Mathanda Dec. 19, 2022