Dictators and totalitarianism

Why has the UN never dedicated a similar day of remembrance for the victims of communism?
By Jeff Jacoby Feb. 4, 2024

Health Talk: Recurring cholera outbreaks cause for concern

Inter-sectoral approach remains fundamental in the mitigation and containment of cholera with councils expected to take leading roles.
By Johannes Marisa Jan. 7, 2024

‘Just War’ and the Gaza Strip

Three years later Augustine died when pagan Vandal invaders, originally from southern Poland, conquered his city
By Gwynne Dyer Dec. 8, 2023

Poland cash-for-visa scandal sucks in Zimbos

Poland’s opposition leader Donald Tusk has said the alleged corruption is “probably the biggest scandal of the 21st century in Poland”.
By Problem Masau Sep. 23, 2023

Biden to meet eastern flank NATO leaders amid Russia worries

President Joe Biden is wrapping up his whirlwind, four-day visit to Poland and Ukraine by reassuring eastern flank NATO allies that his administration is highly attuned to the looming threats.
By Ap News Feb. 22, 2023

Zim author pens anthology

POLAND-BASED Zimbabwean author Martin Makoni has penned his debut anthology titled The Nitram Archives
By Darlington Mwashita Dec. 2, 2022