Entrepreneurship, start-ups

A private limited company is the most common form of incorporation across different economies. It has a separate legal entity from its shareholders and directors.
By Batanai Matsika Dec. 8, 2023

Piggy’s Trading & Investing Tips: Raising capital in a collaborative economy

Funders can donate, pre-purchase the product, lend, or invest based on their belief in an appeal, the promise of its founder, and/or the expectation of a return.
By Batanai Matsika Dec. 1, 2023

Piggy’s Trading & Investing Tips: The power of dividends

Piggy notes that dividend stocks can provide investors with predictable income as well as long-term growth potential.
By Batanai Matsika Nov. 24, 2023

Piggy’s Trading & Investing Tips: Electric cars: The future of mobility

According to McKinsey & Company, the influx of innovative solutions has yet to solve the problem of congested roads.
By Batanai Matsika Nov. 17, 2023

Piggy’s Trading & Investing Tips: Advising versus selling

According to the 2023 Insurance Report by Mckinsey & Company, insurance market maturity and sophistication are highly correlated.
By Batanai Matsika Jul. 28, 2023

Piggy’s Trading & Investing Tips: The stock trading game

Piggy believes that the basic idea of stock trading is to profit by “buying low and selling high”.
By Batanai Matsika Jun. 30, 2023

Piggy’s Trading & Investing Tips: Beeronomics dynamics

The drink was an inexpensive way to consume and preserve grains.
By Batanai Matsika Jun. 23, 2023

Piggy’s Trading & Investing Tips: The huge advice gap

In Africa, the picture is even worse and one of the key problems being experienced by most communities relates to limited access to financial services.
By Batanai Matsika Jun. 16, 2023

Trends within Dubai real estate market

There is zero taxation on rental income, making Dubai an attractive location for real estate investors.
By Batanai Matsika May. 12, 2023