Zim's ‘drowning’ farmers plead with Mthuli Ncube

Makombe also pleaded for a reduction in taxes levied on farmers.
By Belinda Chiroodza Jul. 21, 2024

Public transport overloading increases road accidents

He said the ministers were turning a blind eye to the mounting transport crisis.
By Daniel Moyo and Mpumelelo Moyo Jun. 27, 2024

Govt to increase stake in Cottco

By increasing its stake in Cottco, the government aims to make the company more efficient and financially independent.
By Tafadzwa Mhlanga Jun. 21, 2024

ESG analysis of govt-issued bonds

The ESG analysts endeavor to determine the GoZ’s ability and willingness to pay the periodic interest and the bond value at maturity.
By Percy Jinga Jun. 21, 2024

Senators blast ministers for snubbing Parly

Nyambuya confirmed that the issue had gone out of hand.
By Priviledge Gumbodete Jun. 17, 2024

Govt diverts funds for Gwabalanda police base

Kazembe said the construction of Gwabalanda police base was being spearheaded by the local legislator through the Constituency Development Fund.
By Bongile Moyo Jun. 13, 2024

Minister bemoans impact of drug abuse on youth

Ncube made the remarks during a youth conference hosted by the Council of Churches in Africa led by bishop Rocky Moyo in Bulawayo at the weekend.
By Sharon Sibindi Jun. 11, 2024

Indian election surprise

Poor fellow, having to run the country without instructions from above if God is busy elsewhere (as He sometimes is, even though He is really interested mostly in India, obviously).
By Gwynne Dyer Jun. 7, 2024

Hard questions for Agric minister

Whilst he gave a good account of what is happening in the agriculture sector, he left the nation with more questions than answers.
By Kudakwashe Gwabanayi Jun. 7, 2024