Balancing AI threats, benefits

Invest in AI security research and development to enhance the robustness and resilience of AI systems against adversarial attacks.
By Naison Bangure Jun. 14, 2024

Editorial Comment: CIO’s alleged off budget financing raises eyebrows

Faz’s involvement in last year’s elections put a huge dent on Zimbabwe’s electoral democracy and acting on such threats to transparency must never be taken lightly.
By The Standard Jun. 9, 2024

CIO agent up for rape

After the cleansing act, he offered to escort the complainant home and she agreed.
By Staff Reporter Jun. 8, 2024

AI in healthcare: Friend or foe?

Rather, it presents an opportunity for collaboration and enhancement of healthcare delivery.
By Naison Bangure Jun. 7, 2024

Harnessing the transformative power of AI for young women

This commitment to gender-responsive AI will not only safeguard the rights and interests of young women but also pave the way for a more just and prosperous future.
By Grace Chirenje Jun. 7, 2024

Econet voice traffic up 47% on AI usage

As such, Econet has committed to using AI to upscale and upgrade its network to offer better services to its millions of clients across the country.
By Tatira Zwinoira Jun. 7, 2024

Exposed: CIO’s secret money-spinning firms

The deals easily established an empire of significant clout, tapping into logistics, property, tobacco and cotton.
By Shame Makoshori Jun. 7, 2024

The transformative potential of satellite, AI technologies in the African context

This includes basic computer skills, online safety awareness, ethical considerations and critical thinking for evaluating information online.
By Tororiro Isaac Chaza Jun. 7, 2024

Editorial: FAZ scandal a sign of serious rot

FAZ is estimated to have spent US$4 million importing 160 Toyota Hilux pickup trucks for Zanu PF candidates.
By The Standard Jun. 2, 2024