Managing NPLs for better asset quality

The dramatic expansion of the banking sector in the late 1990s culminated in the financial sector crisis, leading to the closure of a number of banking institutions.
By Chiedza Chonzi Dec. 1, 2023

Ncube navigates through tight fiscal space

Cumulative revenue collections are projected at ZW$53,9 trillion largely in the form of tax revenue (ZW$51,2 trillion) and non-tax revenue (ZW$2,7 trillion).

Relationship between gross expenditure and output

The aggregate expenditure is the sum of all the expenditures undertaken in the economy by the factors during a specific time period.
By Blessing Nyatanga Dec. 1, 2023

Minister urges female artists to seize opportunities

Mutsvangwa said it was disheartening that women had served the arts industry for years, yet their talents and efforts have not fully translated to financial success.
By Gracious Daniel Nov. 20, 2023

Powers cuts, high tarrifs weigh down Zim mines

Zimbabwe’s electricity shortages have been worsened by constant breakdowns at the Hwange Thermal Power Station and low water levels at Kariba Dam.
By Nizbert Moyo Nov. 19, 2023

Key to social flourishing in Zim

Zimbabweans, from all walks of life, must commit to learning from the past and forging a future where peace, unity, and progress reign supreme.
By Sharon Hofisi Oct. 13, 2023

Perspectives: Social protection for informal workers: Towards sustainable financing and inclusion

In 2020, the total estimated financing gap for developing countries was about US$ 1.2 trillion.
By Samuel Wadzai Oct. 8, 2023

A case for future economic planning

This requires growing the economy from the 2018 levels of about US$18 billion to US$65 billion by 2030.
By Victor Bhoroma Sep. 29, 2023

Shake-up looms in state depts

Mnangagwa also brought in several new faces to the line-up of ministers appointed to head provinces.
By Freeman Makopa Sep. 15, 2023