Why I’m rooting for ruthless climate penalties

This is where climate sanctions come into play. Targeted economic penalties on the worst offenders, climate sanctions could create tangible financial incentives for change.
By Tracy Mutowekuziva Jun. 2, 2024

Climate and environmental justice as human rights tools

Many questions arise when such climate justice issues as human rights are twisted to mean what the global powers want.
By Peter Makwanya May. 1, 2023

Livestock generated methane vis-a-vis fossil fuel methane

Furthermore, how can coal be smuggled out of the emissions discourse and matrix while ignoring its impacts on the environment and climate change.
By Peter Makwanya Apr. 10, 2023

Women don't have inherent relationship with nature: Study

National policy has responded to this by giving environmental protection a gender element.
By Ellen Chipango Sep. 2, 2022