The link between brain cancer and cellphones

Because cellphones are usually held near the head when being used, the main concern has been whether they might cause or contribute to tumours in this area including brain
By Michelle Madzudzo May. 11, 2023

Amadhuve Sasha hosts birthday bash

Amadhuve Sasha is expected to play songs from her album titled Mutsindo which carries 10 tracks.
By Style Reporter Apr. 30, 2023

Dame Edna star Barry Humphries dies aged 89

A family statement issued to the Sydney Morning Herald thanked fans and hospital staff for their “support and good wishes”.
By The Telegraph Apr. 22, 2023

The language of women empowerment in the arts

Artists as individuals with potency for a wider reach and audience have a critical role in the activities that encapsulate the empowerment of women.
By Raymond Millagre Langa Mar. 5, 2023

DNA Evidence Bill on cards

Law Development Commission acting deputy chairperson Rex Shana said the Bill would seek to prescribe offences that require mandatory DNA profiling to be done.
By Llyod Mwale Dec. 21, 2022

Beekeeping revives forests, land in Zim

Sixty-year-old Edna Murisa is one of the 200 women fighting to preserve the forests around the outlying Hurungwe district in the northwest of Zimbabwe.
By Nhau Mangirazi Dec. 4, 2022

The world is now a weird place

Herdboy Murders Wife of His Boss After He Caught Her Cheating Him!”
By Onie Ndoro Oct. 9, 2022

Access to cervical cancer services improves

Another health expert, Josephat Chiripanyanga said the improvement in the rate of uptake of cervical cancer services was welcome.
By Vanessa Gonye Sep. 12, 2022

Letter from America: Democrats believe in Voodoo economics

US president Joe Biden and the Democrats fell prey to these goofy theories and applied them to the US economy. Using what they called Covid-19 pandemic stimulus, they printed and distributed money generously everywhere.

By The Standard Jun. 19, 2022