Tsongora passionate about reforestation in Africa

Tsongora said Green Spaces will seek to alleviate the crisis through tree planting initiatives and sensitising communities about climate change and its key drivers.
By Style Reporter Jul. 21, 2024

Ensuring inclusion of persons with disabilities

When managing climate change and implementing Zimbabwe's Nationally Determined
By Darlington Muyambwa Jul. 19, 2024

ESG integration in carbon markets

These markets incentivise companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and invest in carbon offsetting projects.
By Rufaro Bingura Jul. 19, 2024

The folly of climate change language, meaning in Africa

The centrality of meaning in fostering global participation in these areas has been ignored in favour of advancing science.
By Patience Ukama Jul. 19, 2024

Join Global Energy Transition Partnership, Zim told

She added that other African countries, which are facing the same challenges as Zimbabwe, have made progress in developing national energy transition plans.
By Tafadzwa Mhlanga Jul. 19, 2024

Streamlining migration, climate change to policy frameworks

Further, it has been noted that women and girls, along with other vulnerable groups such as persons with disabilities (PWDs) are disproportionately affected by such threats.
By Ronald Zvendiya Jul. 12, 2024

Messaging key in climate issues

The first assumption is that when a message is communicated communication has taken place. That is a dangerous assumption as communication is more than that.
By Peter Makwanya Jul. 8, 2024

Why youth should care about climate change

It involves making changes in response to climate change's actual or expected effects to reduce vulnerability and build resilience.
By Darlington Muyambwa Jul. 5, 2024

The significance of updating climate data for resilience building

Knowledge of the various climate data sets enhances stakeholder ability to determine vulnerability, resilience and adaptive capacities for people negatively impacted by disasters.
By Peter Makwanya Jul. 1, 2024