Zim, Belarus deepen relations

The President said strong and sustainable partnerships would improve the quality of life for people as well as modernise and industrialise the two economies.
By Belinda Chiroodza and Blessed Ndlovu Feb. 20, 2024

EU extends Zim sanctions

The bloc said it would closely monitor the country’s human rights situation to determine whether the sanctions will stay or not.
By Priviledge Gumbodete Feb. 5, 2024

Chiwenga’s military ties raise securocracy fears

Critics raised fears that if Chiwenga assumed the presidency, he could easily turn Zimbabwe into a full-fledged securocratic State.v
By Problem Masau Dec. 28, 2023

Chiwenga ties knot in lavish wedding

Chiwenga’s union with Baloyi is his third in 15 years following his much-publicised divorce with Mary Mubaiwa and Jocelyn Mauchaza.
By Nqobani Ndlovu Dec. 24, 2023

2023, a year of ups and downs in the health sector

A health system is an organisation of people, institutions and resources that deliver healthcare services to meet the health needs of the target populations
By Johannes Marisa Dec. 21, 2023

Curtain comes down on ICASA

Chiwenga said it was crucial to reflect on the progress made and acknowledge the challenges that lay ahead.
By Vanessa Gonye Dec. 10, 2023

Chiwenga doles out freebies for votes

Chiwenga was addressing about 5 000 people who attended the rally held at Bishopstone Estates open grounds.
By Rex Mphisa Dec. 7, 2023

Political parties should respect voters

Back to the Chiwenga promises. A visitor to Zimbabwe would have thought that it had dawned on government that youth and women have no conducive workspaces.
By Newsday Dec. 5, 2023

We will create more jobs for youth: Chiwenga

Chiwenga was campaigning for ruling Zanu PF party candidate Aurther Mujeyi, who is eyeing the Cowdray Park seat and Kidwel Mujuru, who is contesting for the council ward.
By Innocent Magondo Dec. 4, 2023