World View: Two failed populist coups: Compare and contrast

Bolsonaro wasn’t even in Brazil. He was in Orlando, Florida, United States when things kicked off in Brasilia. He too had failed to get the military’s support.
By Gwynne Dyer Feb. 10, 2023

PREZ IN HOSPITAL Disgraced Brazilian ex-president Jair Bolsonaro rushed to hospital in US after his supporters riot & storm congress

The 67-year-old was admitted to hospital in Orlando, Florida with severe abdominal pain, according to reports.
By The Sun Jan. 9, 2023

Brazil election: A moment in history as Lula returns

As news of Lula's victory spread, a sea of red - the colours of his Workers' Party - massed on São Paulo's main street
By Bbc News Oct. 31, 2022