‘Channel funds into alternative investments’

Gandidzanwa called on pension funds to explore alternative investments, namely, financial assets which do not fall into one of the more conventional investment categories.
By Melody Chikono Oct. 25, 2023

Data analytics imperative for business

Indeed, data analytics is core to business and economic intelligence, which leading companies and developed  economies have capitalised on.
By Linda Chimombo Mar. 24, 2023

Govt moves to capacitate smallholder farmers

The smallholder farming sector was an integral part of boosting national food security.
By Lorraine Muromo Jan. 6, 2023

Long-term planning can get rid of land barons

Traditional leaders have become another version of land barons. Abusing their roles as custodians of traditional land.
By Charles Dhewa Nov. 16, 2022

The key to building local economies is to invest in human capital

During the past decades, most African economies have struggled to achieve meaningful economic growth rates owing to several reasons.
By Tapiwa Gomo Oct. 24, 2022