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Consider private sector for economic growth

To date, cases can be cited of Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore, whose economic growth has been fostered by the private sector.
By Rodney Ndamba May. 5, 2023

Take advantage of AfCFTA, women told

Zimbabwe is one of the African countries which have taken advantage of the bloc.
By Freeman Makopa Apr. 21, 2023

Investment in production futile without markets

The price of a bottle of Coke remains the same whether quantities are few or more. Why should not that be the case with necessities like tomatoes?
By Charles Dhewa Apr. 12, 2023

Several African countries have a shortage of US dollars — why this happens and how to fix it

Dollars may still be available, but can only be purchased at a higher cost. There’s a shortage only in the sense that the same amount of domestic currency buys fewer imports.
By Christopher Adam Apr. 11, 2023

Is Sadc ready to unlock wildlife’s trade value?

Instituting new legal means of trading ivory would create opportunities to put poachers, illegal ivory trade syndicates and the animal right groups fundraising industry out of business.
By Emmanuel Koro Apr. 6, 2023

Village Rhapsody: Digital transformation key to Zimbabwe’s food security

African countries, however, are far from reaching the expected levels of development and are at various phases of the changeover to digital agriculture.
By Evans Mathanda Mar. 5, 2023

Home-grown economy versus foreign currency-driven economy

In the absence of basic information on the role of government departments, ordinary people lack appreciation of the role of government.
By Charles Dhewa Feb. 24, 2023

Aggregation is the only way of returning African farmers to profitability

Food processors often struggle to get raw materials for processing due to fragmented production and distribution systems in several production zones.
By Charles Dhewa Jan. 4, 2023

EIB swings with cash but bank risks still linger

The majority of financial institutions managed to navigate through multifaceted crises and tougher regulations imposed to tackle Zimbabwe’s protracted crisis.
By The Zimbabwe Independent Dec. 23, 2022