What are some important basketball statistics to follow?

here are steals per game (SPG) and blocks per game (BPG). Steals demonstrate the ability to disrupt opponents
By Thestandard Jul. 30, 2023

In conversation with Trevor: 'We aspire to be better than the West'

The whole idea is to begin to look at how we can develop the next generation of leaders that fear God, and care for the continent, and care for others.
By In Conversation With Trevor Jul. 23, 2023

Grace tidings: A life free of condemnation

The truth is that God doesn’t condemn us. He said He wasn’t sent to condemn the world (John 12:47).
By Doug Mamvura May. 28, 2023

Festival to showcase African art

 The festival will be graced by various artists from Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe among them the likes of Slizer, Deejay Sanchez Africa, GITCA Mbira group and Brity Yonly.
By Bridget Wadzanai Mavhimira May. 28, 2023

Prayer warriors and the rosary

The Bible does not specify exactly what classes of people are to pray more often than the others apart from the roles given for priests.
By Prosper Tingini May. 7, 2023

Outrage over bigwigs’ ‘secret’ millions saga

Moti has business interests in Zimbabwe through ACF, which invested in a large chrome mining and smelting project in the Midlands.
By Problem Masau Apr. 30, 2023

A positive position

It is what sells newspapers (bad news) and maybe it is motivated by the idea of “Do to others before they do it to you”.
By Tim Middleton Apr. 23, 2023

Icasa 2023 preparations on course

The conference, which is expected to draw 12 000 delegates, will run under the theme Aids is not over: Address inequalities, accelerate innovation and inclusion.

Divine insight: Oil and mantles

The children of Israel were now trapped worshiping the brazen serpent and neglecting worship towards God.
By Humphrey Mtandwa Feb. 26, 2023