Netflix could soon kill off its Basic subscription – forcing you to choose between its ad-supported tier or splash out £10.99/MONTH

Netflix has killed its cheapest ad-free streaming offer for Canadian citizens,

Netflix has killed its cheapest ad-free streaming offer for Canadian citizens, in a move that has stirred up speculation over what's next for the rest of the world.

Canadians no longer have the option to pay $9.99 CAD/month for ad-blocked TV watching and will now be forced to splash out a minimum of $16.49 CAD/month to do so.

While this isn't new, its quiet disappearance has triggered rumours that the UK's 'Basic' option - costing £6.99 ($9.99 US) - could also soon be taken on off the market.

Like Canada, this would force Brits to pay up a minimum of £10.99 ($15.49 US) for ad-free watching or simply put up with adverts at much cheaper cost of £4.99 ($6.99 US).

These rumours come just a month after the tech giant's controversial crackdown on account sharing, with millions barred from lending logins to those outside their household.

In the midst of these changes, complaints have flooded Twitter, with some users suggesting they are pulling out of Netflix altogether. 

'Don't cancel that "basic" Netflix subscription,' one user wrote.

'Netflix is testing getting rid of it. Hold on to your "basic" Netflix subscription if you want it. Because it might soon go away.'

Another added: 'I'm sure they won't remove that in India cuz if they will... They'll face a huge loss!'

Meanwhile, one user appeared to joke: 'Piracy has never been sweeter,' while another said: 'Don't worry, we already pulled our Netflix subscription.'

Others also suggested that interest in the service must be plummeting as they wrote: 'Netflix is losing subscribers left and right.'

Alongside its £10.99 ($15.49 US) ad-free 'Standard' option, users have the chance to pay £15.99 ($19.99 US) for the 'Premium' service on four devices at once in 'Ultra HD'.

This option also allows two additional members from outside a household to be put onto the account, while the 'Standard' option only offers one extra member.The extra member feature came as part of Netflix's hit against account sharing, with anyone using a VPN or living in a different country blocked from a member slot.

The ban comes to 103 countries including the UK, the US, France, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Mexico and Brazil, having been tested first in Peru, Chile and Costa Rica last year. 

It has been a drastic turnaround for the company, which tweeted that 'love is sharing a password' just six years ago. 

But the scheme has not been met with overwhelming success, with Netflix losing more than a million Spanish subscribers in the first three months of 2023, according to Kantar.

Analysis of Google search data also revealed that online searches for 'Cancel Netflix account' rocketed 2,939 per cent in the UK towards the end of last month.

A Netflix spokesman declined to comment on what may be next for service, but told MailOnline: 'Existing members on Basic are unaffected by this change. Basic is not available to new and rejoining members in Canada.'

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