Professionalism, honesty drive Craft Properties

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On 26 April, the Kadoma-headquartered company marked its 14th anniversary and it was an opportunity for the company to look back at the almost one and half decade they have operated in cut-throat land development and construction business.

BY STYLE REPORTER LAND developer and property agent Craft Properties recently marked a 14-year milestone by celebrating accomplishments and reflecting on the directions the company wants to take its business.

On 26 April, the Kadoma-headquartered company marked its 14th anniversary and it was an opportunity for the company to look back at the almost one and half decade they have operated in cut-throat land development and construction business.

“I am grateful and humbled by what we have achieved together and I want to take this opportunity to highlight the company’s success and key areas of focus as we continue progressing in our exciting journey,” Craft Properties CEO Kudakwashe Taruberekera said.

“Our esteemed customers recognise the differentiated value we deliver in terms of superior customer service, innovative and consumer centric solutions.

“They also acknowledge our contribution to the local society, regional and International industry.

“We value their trust and confidence in us, so we continue to execute with clear actions, our strong belief in providing satisfactory service and being the most reliable and trusted in the sector of land development and construction.”

Taruberekera paid tribute to the company’s employees, clients and stakeholders.

“We grew at a much faster pace than the market and together we can achieve our goals when we continue to work as a formidable team,” he said.

“Our core values remain the guiding principles for everything we do.

“It is imperative to highlight that since we commenced business 14 years ago, we have been able to operate in a professional and honest manner despite the challenges we faced.”

Taruberekera said Craft Properties’ conduct saw it dealing efficiently with a large number of clients without having any disputes.

“We enjoy a wonderful relationship with our clients and stakeholders,” he said.

“Craft Properties has set some working standards and tries by all means to operate within the framework of our standards.

“We do not compromise or cut corners in the event that someone has a huge proposed investment but does not conform to our world class standards.

“We try by all means humanly possible to embrace and maintain our world class standards. I would like to urge Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd employees to continue exercising professionalism and honesty during the execution of their duties.

“We need to closely guard the good reputation the company has built over the years.”

Craft Properties was registered on April 26, 2008, starting as a small organisation and it has grown over the years to be a very big reputable organisation that has earned respect and recognition both locally and internationally.

“The secret behind the success of Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd is professionalism, honesty and hard work,” Taruberekera said.

“As they say epic things start with small humble steps, I founded Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd as a very small entity and only specialised in real estate business.

“The company grew over the years and diversified to other areas of business like land development and construction.

Taruberekera said he has registered regional and international real estate, land development and construction companies under Craft Properties.

However, he said operations outside the country were hamstrung by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Locally Craft Properties Holdings (Pvt) Ltd has the following subsidiaries; Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd, Craft Properties Land Development and Construction (Pvt) Ltd as well as Never Sleep Security Pvt Ltd.

Taruberekera said he envisions expanding the business outside the country.

He said the company was fully registered with the United Nations as a supplier and service provider in its field of operation since 2019.

“It is registered with the United Nations to provide services worldwide,” he said.

“Craft Properties has participated in various business meetings and seminars organised by the United Nations.

“The company’s good business acumen has seen it being invited to other business meetings organized by various organisations in the United States, France, Malaysia, United Kingdom and other countries too numerous to mention.”

He said during the international business meetings, Craft Properties utilised the opportunity to market the country and invited foreign investors to take business opportunities in sectors such as real estate, land development and construction, mining, energy, agriculture and tourism, among others.

Taruberekera said going forward he was looking at playing a key role in the country’s infrastructural development programmes.

He said the company offers a wide range of services in property development and construction.

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