Chipembere drops another single

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The track reflects on the unfading memories of his rural background.

By Alfred Tembo

Gweru-based reggae and dancehall producer Tinashe Dimingo, better known as Chipembere Tynash, has released a single track titled Kumusha after years of working behind the scenes.

The track reflects on the unfading memories of his rural background.

“It is trendy for most people to alienate from their realities and self preserved secrets of childhood hoping to blend into the fast changing modern world,” Chipembere said.

“Most people want to identify with habits and traits of well to do people. They want to act and behave synthetic and genuine in faked identities. All these are borrowed robes to match other people’s expectations.

“But for me, l found confidence in my genuine and traceable roots. Chiwundura is for me home and source of inspiration that saw me influencing the world through music.”

Kumusha seeks to help old and young Zimbabweans, appreciate their indigenous homes.

“It does not matter where one comes from, determination and focus can help someone to live a life of choice from anyway in the world,” he said.

“In the village we have our rich and famous like the Kardashians. We appreciate and celebrate our village top billing, successful and progressive community leaders who preserve wealth in herds of cattle, goats and sheep.”

Composed, arranged, recorded and produced by Chipembere, the dancehall single will officially be released today via Tynash Entertainment Studios’ various social media platforms and live on a local commercial radio station.

“I chose to release the song in remembrance of the day l was born,” he said.

“This is another way of restoring the thinking that as a village boy regardless of how much one progresses and makes an impact away from home; his roots are marked in the invisible chronicles of our history.”

Chipembere Tynash is better known in the Caribbean Islands where most of his clients hail from and various radio stations are playing much of the music he produces.

“There is nothing more elating than working with receptive people who appreciate my work that they are willing to pay anything to keep me at work,” he said.

After working with seasoned international artistes such as Angel Eyes (Jamaica) Daijour (Jamaica) Wiseman (Jamaica) Kilogram (Jamaica) Warrior Singhateh (Germany) and Jarckboy (Germany) who felt the impact he made by producing culture music, Chipembere now looks forward to work with the likes of Jah Cure, Busy Signal, Sizzla, Capleton, Cris Martin among others.

“Owing it to a negative global political and economic reviews being a Zimbabwean has really slowed my progress on the international scene. Some people have a perception towards us because of some media reports,” Chipembere said.

“But because of talent, l gained recognition from those understanding that the ongoing tides are beyond my control.”

Chipembere’s rich musical profile over weighed with hits such as Plastic smile (Warrior Singhateh), Run Away With Thee collaboration Daijour (Jamaica) Wiseman (Jamaica), Caution Tape Daijour (Jamaica), To Night Angel Eyes (Jamaica) and Daijour (Jamaica)

One of his most reviewed project was Warrior Singhateh’s studio album, Unification, which carries songs such as, No War, Reggae music, Higher Meditation, Game is over which features Jelena Petener and Zweierpasch among other sizzling hits.

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