Winky D, Jah Prayzah headline Easter festival

The ultimate showdown will follow on March 30 with Winky D headlining the event after Master H, Killer T, Bazooker, Bling 4, Garry B and Etherton B.

The highly anticipated Sunshine City Festival places the spotlight not only on Zimbabwean music giants Winky D and Jah Prayzah, but also on a promising generation of rising stars.

The two day festival, which will also be decorated by food stalls and  soccer matches will kick off on March 29 with headline act Jah Prayzah supported by Mookomba, Selmor Mtukudzi, Exq, Jah Signal and Chillspot Family.

The ultimate showdown will follow on March 30 with Winky D headlining the event after Master H, Killer T, Bazooker, Bling 4, Garry B and Etherton B.

The Easter event might signal the "changing of the guard" in Zimbabwean music. While Jah Prayzah and Winky D remain prominent figures, the spotlight might shift towards new acts.

The Sunshine City Festival serves as a platform for both legendary and up-and-coming Zimbabwean musicians to showcase their talents. While Easter and Passover hold religious significance, the event offers an opportunity to witness the potential changing landscape of Zimbabwean music.

Easter represents the resurrection of Jesus Christ, a pivotal moment in Christianity. This event marked the continuation of his teachings and the passing of his message of faith and hope to his disciples, who carried it forward.

Passover celebrates the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. This event involved the transmission of traditions and cultural practices across generations, ensuring their survival and passing the torch of their heritage.

Easter's origins are deeply linked to Passover. The Gospels depict Jesus' Last Supper as a Passover meal, and his crucifixion is said to have occurred during Passover week.

In both Easter and Passover, a crucial aspect is the passing down of knowledge and traditions. Jesus entrusted his message to his disciples, and the Israelites ensured their cultural practices survived through generations. This parallels the way established artists mentor and share their expertise with emerging talents.

Mokoomba, known for their traditional sound that aligns well with Jah Prayzah's, could potentially gain wider recognition.

Mokoomba has garnered a strong reputation through international tours. While they enjoy international success, their popularity within the Zimbabwean market might not be as widespread compared to other local artists.

Some local artists, who haven't toured internationally may have a larger local following due to their specific style resonating more with the local audience.

This performance at the Sunshine City Festival presents an opportunity for Zimbabwean audiences to discover Mokoomba's music and potentially broaden their fanbase.

Rising stars Master H and Bling 4 will  perform before the headline act, Winky D. Both artists have been gaining significant recognition in their respective genres and have perfomed at Winky D's Ghettocracy show.

Easter and Passover are primarily religious holidays with historical and spiritual significance. Passing the torch in the artistic realm is a secular concept focused on the professional development and continuity of artistic expression.

Is an Easter resurgence of Zimdancehall possible through Master H's efforts?

Is Bling 4 poised to become the next big name in local hip hop. Could the Sunshine City Festival light be his crowning moment?

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