Wholesome gospel is my calling: Prophet Matema

Speaking to Standard Style, Matema, who launched a new church branch at Runyararo Primary School in Ruwa last Sunday, said his mission was to minister hope and serve God's people

Popular televangelist and founder of Far Reaching Vision Interdenominational ministries (FAREV) Prophet Inzwirashe Matema known for his witty life teachings and first street preaching in Harare has revealed the motivation behind his fast growing ministry.

Speaking to Standard Style, Matema, who launched a new church branch at Runyararo Primary School in Ruwa last Sunday, said his mission was to minister hope and serve God's people through wholesome gospel that ministers to both the spiritual and physical needs of people.

"We are living in generally challenging times where people have to content with a lot of issues," he said.

"Beyond seeking salvation, people still have to content with pressing life challenges. Amidst all this, it calls for wholesome gospel that provides a ready answer to their challenges."

The preacher-cum-gospel musician who has become a hit courtesy of Morning Breakfast Show on Capitalk 100.4FM with Tinashe Chikuse and Pathisani Sibanda said his preaching and teachings are thus laden with earthly wisdom while preparing people for the life hereafter.

"Heaven is the goal, but more importantly we must be realistic in terms of our sermons and teachings.

"The same church member you are preaching to is dealing with a struggling business, failing marriage and a troublesome child falling to drug abuse. The gospel you preach must be wholesome in addressing all these needs," he said.

As demand for his noble and well researched teachings soar, Matema, who is also big in deliverance, has opened a new church branch in Ruwa.

"My calling is to spread the good news and bring the lost to Christ and I am thankful for the new Ruwa church branch.

"The Covid-19 pandemic had affected our weekly gatherings but I thank God that we now have a new home in Ruwa. We want to minister hope and serve God's people better," Matema said.

Born on October 1, 1977 at Lundi Mission Clinic in Masvingo, Matema is an accountant by training who chose ministries over numbers.

"I was born in Masvingo and enrolled for a diploma in accountancy at Masvingo Polytechnic college  from 1997 to 2000." he said.

I then ventured into ministry through music with my first album Mira paNzvimbo becoming an instant hit. One thing led to another until the time I had to venture into fulltime ministry as a preacher of the gospel," Matema said.

Matema, who has brought thousands to Christ through street preaching, said his calling for street preaching was as a result of answering to God's calling.

"I didn't just start street preaching from nowhere but God gave me a vision to save lives on the streets.

"Powered by that God given commission, I then had to use whatever resources I had at my disposal to push the ministry and I thank God for the grace which has taken me this far," he said.

With the Ruwa branch starting last Sunday, Matema told The Standard that the hope is to open more church branches in the city center and around Zimbabwe.

"The gospel must reach all corners of Zimbabwe and the world. I am grateful that we have opened a new branch in Ruwa in response to the great calling.

Demand for services was on the rise especially given how we are practical with the gospel through our teachings and the highly popular Capitalk Radio Breakfast  Show. We plan to roll out more church branches in Harare CBD and around Zimbabwe," he said.

Matema, who has travelled around Zimbabwe and the region preaching the gospel said he enjoys good working relations with other churches and pastors and is happy to play his part through his own denomination.

"Over the years I have preached around Zimbabwe and the region in mainline churches and other pentecostal ones with God showing his power.

"I am, therefore, happy to play my part in ministry through FAREV which is home to all. We are leaving no one behind and we hope to minister hope to all that need the grace of God in their lives," he said.

The new generation preacher has been commended for his holistic approach to the gospel and he attributed this quality to the study of the gospel and learning from those that served God wholeheartedly before him.

"The gospel is wholesome and it has all the answers to everyday living. This is why our approach to ministry is holistic. We want to minister to the whole being.

"My preaching is full of life teaching which is why Capitalk 100.4 gave me the platform to minister every Monday morning. The goal is to give a biblical life campus to all while spreading the good news of Christ," Matema said.

While the vision continues to grow, Matema said challenges were there especially with regard to the administration and logistical costs of the ministry but they won't be deterred.

"The gospel is expensive because you still need to pay for services and whatever you need to reach lives.

"As it stands we are working on getting a church stand and putting together all the key resources but funds are limited. We, however,  believe God for breakthroughs because the earth and its fullness belong to him," he said.


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