Out & about: Kenyan dialed Bien ‘potpourri’ rings Sauti Sol

Bien has already left an indelible mark on the euphony Kingdom. Being one of East Africa’s bear-sized artists, his up-to-the-second full-bodied berceuse sculpt is testament to his ability

‘Alusa Why Are You Topless?’: is a snapshot of the joust that might not have been conceived had Sauti Sol not split. A rather, letter-perfect punt; throwing around a right smart surmise, sniffing or so in Bien-Aimé Baraza’s subtle precursors prefatory to his — dewy behind the ears — off-the-wall venture.

A spell sprouting in the wake of a typically embarked Sauti Sol worldwide farewell tour this summer, after 18 years of creating a bunch of gold crossovers that would make this Kenyan Afro pop band — which besides Bien comprises pitch contour audible communication gems namely Willis Chimano, Savara Mudigi and Polycarp Otieno — dominate charts on the bounce and profit o›er half a billion streams under its vocal belt!

Tanning legendary bodies of work into contour, having been well-grooved in Nairobi; Sauti Sol, which walked away with the trophy for Best African Act at the 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards — grew to know that, to make a great album you have to colligate with your listeners on every song. And to have the nerve razing, weary yet galvanic creative process, bespangled with laurels; it is a cherry on top, which has licenced Bien to fancy solely holding notes as well as carrying tunes — leaping into a spicy solo sonic run!

A call to action, rallying the audience to be unblinking and madcap in the pursuit of its goals; ‘Alusa Why Are You Topless?’ — the latter’s immaculate debut ditty offering — serves as an opportunity to marque the cantabile sensation godhead, the first major global breakout star from East Africa.

Earning attainment that continues to hover his career; as a Grammy award-winning ballad maker, performing artist, and celebrated vocalist — Bien has already left an indelible mark on the euphony Kingdom. Being one of East Africa’s bear-sized artists, his up-to-the-second full-bodied berceuse sculpt is testament to his ability.

“The album is called ‘Alusa Why Are You Topless?’; Alusa is my name, and the ‘Why Are You Topless?’ part — represents my new season being audacious, new beginnings and freedom. It also represents discipline. That’s my mantra for this next season in my life. I love comic relief, so that’s how I wanted to express this journey. I am so grateful for everyone who was part of this project, and the sleepless nights we all shared to make this project a success,” Bien said.

Utterly fluttering eardrums and eyelids with a clicking combination of meshed blues outwardly depicted by a blabbermouth artwork; the undertaking is to a larger ratio, an amazing birdcall craft. It features ‘Ma Cherie’, ‘My Baby’ with Beninese-born Nigerian singer Arya Starr, as well as ‘Too Easy’ alongside Kenyan-born BBC Radio 1 and BBC 1Xtra anchor and broadcaster DJ Edu — singles that conjointly have over 15 million streams, and counting.

The chanted composition lionises dignifying planetary collaborations, with a cast of noteworthy quislings such as Nigerian-British rapper, singer and songwriter Ms Banks (‘Sex & Marijuana’) and Nigerian neo soul singer-songwriter, record producer, composer and sound engineer Tay Iwar (‘Time Alone’) — lending their gifts to East Africa’s to the highest degree elating export.

Kenya’s poster boy is pretty cosy; ‘Alusa Why Are You Topless?’ — features ‘True Love’, as performed on ‘COLORS’ — a piece of melody that is just as exquisite with its soft production, as it would be acoustical. The music composing is mighty, echt and automotive; with hints of African choral sounds, motley with a redbrick as well as alluring Afro acoustic vibe. ‘True Love’ is a hit anthem that is as irrefutable now, as it will be in the next 2 decades!

Wielding influence; the opus volume bugle calls some incredible up tempo lullabies such as ‘Lost and Found’ — a terpsichore precipitately, jazzy beat, with tinges of lock drum passim the banger. The number speaks of the hunt for love, and the experience of not just losing it, merely also clinging onto a flunking affinity. The jam sandwich is fun as well as summery, and steeples the listeners to dance through their experiences.

A rose-cheeked bundle of positive stimulus; ‘Legend’ (Intro), ‘Chikwere’, ‘I Want You’, ‘Stay’, ‘A Student’, ‘Time’, ‘Lifestyle’, ‘Kwama’, and ‘Anointed’ (Outro) — likewise come on the corresponding pedal of a willow eyeball of the track list of smash canons, coiled out in the heat of the potentiality this thunderous work of tonal pattern bears.

Flapping in manoeuvre; Sammy Soso a (2x) Grammy nominated British record and vocal producer, songwriter, engineer and Disc Jockey — one of Afrobeats’ virtually renowned record producers — displays his sheer midas dominion behind the boards, having it real good as the official executive producer.

Given the magnitude of frenzy habits triggered by a state-of-the-art culture, actually opening new windows; on the correct itinerary to wholly setting your radio as well as audio device on fire, and have you crazily dusting off your dance moves — is Bien’s lilting lulu: ‘Alusa Why Are You Topless?’.

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