Gochero launches second book

Broadcaster Curtly Gwindi (left) and Takudzwa Gochero (right) at the launch of the 25th Hour recently.

Rising author Takudzwa Gochero has launched his second literary piece titled 25th Hour — a non-fiction book that covers a wide range of contemporary issues relating to networking and personal development.

Gochero is an author and a stage poet affectionately known as the Ironink. He is a recent graduate of politics and public management from Midlands State University.  He has written Three Sides of the Coin — a collection of poems that follows his passion for world history and archaeology.

Gochero’s latest book is an epic series of wild imaginations and the core principles of personal development which talks of the extra effort that one invests to achieve a desirable outcome and eventual success.

In his new offering, the multi-talented author turns from the usual poetry genre and focuses on the core principles of personal development and networking.

Gochero says he aims to fuse ideas between creatives and entrepreneurs so as to empower them to collaborate and monetise their artistic craft.

 “I want to fuse ideas between artists and entrepreneurs so that the cross-pollination of ideas can make artists see their industry as entrepreneurship.”  

He added that the 25th Hour focuses its great and undivided attention on the principles that assist one in the creating, developing, expanding, and conservation of a network of like-minded people and expands one’s potential in human development.

“I have had the great opportunity of encountering some of the young elites of our great city of Harare, though their works and influence stretches beyond Harare. During my time with them, their past experience and perceptions have inspired me to give one answer to five most important questions that one must ask himself as he climbs the ladder building a network of people who will develop him.”

The launch was graced by fellow authors and industry experts namely Simba Nyamadzawo, Justice Dube, Mcdonald Gurura and broadcaster Curtly Gwindi who was the guest of honour.

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