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Building narratives: How ‘hustler narrative’ won Ruto’s Kenyan presidency

“Kenyans. Let us unite to make Kenya a nation which everyone shall be proud to call home,” Ruto said.
By Fungayi Sox Sep. 11, 2022

Building Narratives: Enter Toastmaster’s Vic Falls Chapter

In his speech, Dhlamini said: “Speaking and communicating well is pivotal in growing and sharing ideas so as to enhance human relations”.
By Fungayi Sox Sep. 4, 2022

How ‘hustler narrative’ landed Ruto Kenya’s top job

Ruto overturns the “golden handshake” to his advantage.
By Fungayi Sox Sep. 18, 2022

Building narratives: Rukuni’s message of inspiration to young women

A former Fletcher High School student, she is a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from the University of Zimbabwe.
By Fungayi Sox Sep. 25, 2022

Building narratives: Young lawyer pens semi-fiction novel

He holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Free State University in South Africa.
By Fungayi Sox Oct. 2, 2022

Building Narratives: Whispers of Soil: A clarion call to preserve African pride

The author also ensures that the rise of Gwenyambira is connected to the ancestors and ancestry.
By Fungayi Sox Oct. 9, 2022

Building narratives: Palestinian embassy funds arts competition

Israel continues to deny Palestinians the right to self-determination,” added ambassador Almassri.
By Fungayi Sox Oct. 16, 2022

Building narratives: Lifestyle inspires my art: Keith Zenda

The Chirumanzu-born artist says it is only upon landing in Gweru that he then started painting about his lifestyle.
By Fungayi Sox Oct. 23, 2022

Building narratives: If I were Education, Science and Tech Development minister

It would give me a helicopter view to write about the entire education system from primary to higher and tertiary education
By Fungayi Sox Oct. 30, 2022

If I were Education, Science and Tech Development minister (Final Part)

This in my view is the reason why many innovative and creative Zimbabweans have succeeded outside the country.
By Fungayi Sox Nov. 6, 2022

Building narratives: Coach Emmah’s resilience pays off

Kasukuwere is a 26-year-old rehabilitation technician and counsellor at Jairos Jiri Bulawayo Vocational Training Centre
By Fungayi Sox Nov. 12, 2022

Indigenous minorities foster family unity

“My husband who is a businessman of note also went back to school and graduated recently.”
By Fungayi Sox Nov. 13, 2022

Why you should engage a professional book editor

Note that I have termed them “manuscripts” and not “books” because I believe they would still be raw for public consumption.
By Fungayi Sox Nov. 20, 2022

Building narratives-Mubu Delorne Mubu: A rising star gone too soon

He was a remarkable force and an emerging leader both in JCI and Zimbabwe as a whole.
By Fungayi Sox Nov. 27, 2022

Your book could be your legacy

Last week I wrote an obituary in honour of a great friend under the headline “MubuDelorneMubu — a rising star gone too soon.
By Fungayi Sox Dec. 4, 2022

Chinosengwa launches third book

He is also the general manager of Daisywheels Detergents, a fast-growing chemical manufacturing company.
By Fungayi Sox Dec. 11, 2022

Building narratives: People should not rush to publish their books

Although there is a common consensus that “there is a book in each and everyone of us” writing a book is not a stroll in the park.
By Fungayi Sox Mar. 5, 2023

Building Narratives: Accomplished people should write autobiographies and inspirational books

 A book becomes an opportune moment for any accomplished leader to capture their journey to the top including being their own jury during their moments of madness or weaknesses.
By Fungayi Sox Mar. 12, 2023

Young Masapa breaks barriers

In his speech at the launch, Masapa narrated how his writing journey had not been an easy stroll in the park,
By Fungayi Sox Mar. 19, 2023

A book editor is not a ghost-writer

Editors who are good writers can perform ghost-writing functions as well if their specialty is developmental editing.
By Fungayi Sox Mar. 26, 2023

Building Naratives: Maketo launches second stock exchange investment handbook

Born and bred in Chitungwiza, Maketo is a stock market enthusiast with a bias towards capital markets.
By Fungayi Sox Apr. 2, 2023

Gochero launches second book

In his new offering, the multi-talented author turns from the usual poetry genre and focuses on the core principles of personal development and networking.
By Fungayi Sox Nov. 26, 2023