DJ Scar readies The Journey EP

DJ Scar revealed that two tracks will be released prior to the launch of the EP in November.

TOP music producer and wheel spinner DJ Scar will tomorrow release a new single- Jobhegi, a lead single to his upcoming EP dubbed The Journey.

Jobhegi is part of the five tracks on the Amapiano EP which is scheduled to be released

“The track is really simple but deep to those who appreciate simplicity as well as elements that make music be,” DJ Scar said, describing the upcoming single.

“The track comprises of key phrases which make the message or the sort, which I would like to call it, a journey of every child that desires for a better life and a future that is better than this but put into a bouncy sound (amapiano) that everyone has grown to love,” he said.

“Amai ndo enda ku Jobhegi ne Mari ye pepa” and “Tanga tiri more mu merry go but I am letting go” are some of the lyrics on the track.

DJ Scar revealed that two tracks will be released prior to the launch of the EP in November.

“Two tracks will be released before that (EP launch), to bring people on board to what the Journey is all about, which is the beauty of music embodied in each and every track.

"I would also like to appreciate every artist that is involved in the project and the team at Awaken Music- Dj Bruno and The High Priest, they all made the production worth the wait,” he said.

The EP tells a story of a young man making a proactive decision to embark on a journey in search for a better life, leaving behind family and culture and that is embodied in the lyric “Amai”, in search for something meaningful therefore the lyrics “ tanga tirimo mu merry go but I am letting go”.

DJ Scar started music at a tender age of 10, and started wheel spinning at 22 and has performed in more than five countries regionally and internationally. He has worked with artists such as Oskid, Noble Stylz, Nvirii the storyteller from the Kenyan group- Saulti Sol, Nutty O and many others.

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