Yester-year music outfit Ilanga ‘reunites’


MUSIC legend and True Love hit maker, Busi Ncube and Keith Farquharson will today hold a tribute show titled Busi Ncube and Friends Ilanga Legacy Concert at The Place in Bulawayo.

The gig aims to reminisce about departed colleagues of the once star-studded Ilanga and to commemorate their lives.

Ilanga, which comprised the late Don Gumbo, Dixon Chingaira (popularly known as Cde Chinx) Gibson Batishta, Adam Chisvo, Munya Brown, Gibson Nyoni, the late Virgillio Ignacia, Keith Farquharson and Andy Brown, was a household name in the 1990s before members went their separate ways to pursue solo projects

In an interview with Standard Style, Busi, the Norway-based singer who is currently in the country, said she came up with the concept with Farquharson (two surviving members of the group)  to commemorate their late colleagues.

“We came up with the concept me and Keith seeing we are the surviving members still with the gift of life, and thought it would be great to commemorate our late brothers with what we shared together in music.

“We had been both busy in our own individual works then I said to Keith, I would like us to play together again before we are too old to stand on stage," she said.

“He agreed, but unfortunately he had to go for an eye surgery at the end of May, hence this time.

“We want to commemorate our late colleagues and remember the great role they played in pushing the music industry to its highest bar. The younger generation is following in their great footsteps up to this present day.

“I will be playing with musicians from both Bulawayo and Harare, who have themselves covered the songs of the late musicians in their gigs during their live shows.”

Talking about the title of the show, Busi said: “Ilanga Legacy means as it says, as our music as a group has been evergreen songs that still and are still being played and danced to by generations decades later.”

In addition, she said there would be new stuff she would play from her latest album titled Usiko.

“I recorded the album with musicians from both Norway and Zimbabwe,” she said.

"The show is going to be held at The Place in Bulawayo. The reason is that we got the venue for free and Mr Mhone offered to sponsor us with the sound system.

“He was part of the Bulawayo musicians and he grew up together with Don Gumbo.”

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