Tendai Garwe diversifies into other genres

TENDAI Garwe and The Followers of Jesus are diversifying into various musical genres amid efforts to minister the word of God to a wider audience.

The gospel outfit has for a while produced Afro-pop gospel music.

Speaking in an interview, Garwe who is based in Cape Town, said the change was necessitated by the musical company’s need to reach out to more people.

“We never used to fuse our music with guitars, but on our latest album at least there are three tracks give a rare feel,” Garwe said.

“I can also make it known that there is a reggae song titled I am Always Number One.

“There are other different genres on this album from Afro-pop, reggae, South African gospel music, museve and rhumba.

“The album is more perfected when compared to the other ones we did in the past. And there is more worship song that is more uplifting guided by the Holy Spirit.”

He said the reason why the musical outfit was making changes was that they had an audience that desires different musical flavours that needed to be taken care of.

“People have different tastes, when listening to music they want their expectations met,” Garwe said.

“In meeting these expectations you will realise that on this album there are fast songs, medium beat songs and slow songs.”

He, however, said his inspiration to make changes comes from God.

“It’s God himself who drives,” he said.

“As a Christian my faith plays a big role in my music.”

Music by The Followers of Jesus is accessible through online shops from ITunes, Spotify and Amazon, among others.

And their catalogue carries four albums namely Huyai Tibatane Part One (2012) Praise Lab Studios, Celebration Times Volume One, Auya Makhoti (2014) Magesh Studios (SA) both albums were marketed by Metro studios in Zimbabwe, Munhu Haana Chakanaka (2018) G to G Music (SA) Celebration times Volume 2 and Munovhura Masiwo (2023) G to G Studios.

He has a string of singles namely Christmas Day and New Year’s Day (2018), Easter time (2019) and Amen (2020).

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