‘Lyricism is truest essence of hip-hop culture’

UNITED KINGDOM-based rapper Rhyme Assassin

UNITED KINGDOM-based rapper Rhyme Assassin said the need to preserve the truest essence of hip-hop culture through lyricism inspired him to work on the track the Rhyme Apostles.

The track will be released on April 3, ahead of the release of the full album.

Rhyme Apostles is the lead single off the rapper’s upcoming album- Dedicated to Self. The track carries a total of 12 lyricists- Rhyme Assassin and Mcees Crooked I, Canibus, AFRO, Ruste Juxx, Craig G, Prodigal Sunn, Chino XL, Keith Murray, K Solo, Reks, and Antlive Boom and the introduction to the song done by renowned Jada Kiss.

Speaking to I am Hip-hop Magazine in London, Rhyme Assassin said he is inspired by the artists who feature on the track.

“I am a firm believer in the need for the conservation of the truest essence of Hip hop culture expressed through lyricism. The calibre of emcees on the track has mastered this art and is an inspiration to me as I climb to my place of significance in the game," he said.

"My conviction is that hip-hop culture has the powerful potential to bring about societal and cultural cohesion globally. In that sense, the single has an apostolic assignment — to bring about a fresh crop of hip-hop artists whose focus is beyond their individual musical domains to champion a movement that will produce a generation of like-minded people.

The talents and skill sets of the participating emcees are as diverse as their fingerprints are. It is this diversity that I value and celebrate the most in this project, the creative lyricism and different execution styles of the art make this project unequalled by any in hip-hop circles and that is what thrills me.”

Quizzed on what he hopes the audience take away from the single, the rapper answered:

“The single’s greatest desired outcome for this project is a greater realisation by both artistes and music lovers of the incredible power of collaborative music ventures across the industry. The single, Rhyme Apostles, is a clear and powerful demonstration of the synergy resulting from such collaboration. My wish for this single is that it will be timeless in its appeal and not just for a season.”

The concept of the song is borrowed from Jesus who ministered with 12 apostles (disciples).

“Jesus ministered with 12 apostles and I believe these 11 including myself we are the apostles of rhythm and poetry. We want to deliver the gospel of real hip-hop to the masses,” said Rhyme Assassin.

Rhyme Assassin is a record label owner at Uncle Rhymes Records. The record label is home to two artistes T9yce and Lincoln the Prez and is looking forward to working with more artistes from different genres.

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