‘Music sector marred by dishonesty’

Liversy Matamba

Veteran sungura musician Liversy Matamba of the Chivaraidze Express has bemoaned lack of honesty and co-operation in the music industry saying this is stalling progress.

Matamba has been in the music industry since the late 1990s and formed his band, Chivaraidze Express in 1999 before releasing a debut album Hupenyu Hwedu in 2000.

“Since the day I went into the music industry, I have noticed that dishonesty has been the biggest challenge, particularly among us musicians and promoters as well," he told Standard Style.

“I recall vividly that we went to Shamva for a show and there was a multitude of revellers who gathered to attend. I only discovered that the lead, bass and rhythm guitarists had disappeared. I was left only with the backing vocalist and drummer, thereby, forcing me to cancel the show.

“At one time, I performed shows with another musician as a curtain-raiser and only to be told that the sponsor had not paid the contract holder any cent and we had to go home empty-handed.”

Matamba added: “Some promoters are also in the habit of not honouring the contracts signed and end up giving flimsy excuses."

Although Matamba has been in the music industry for more than two decades, he feels that he has not done very much to utilise his God-given talent.

“Imagine I have not reached out to some other parts of the country to hold live shows. I used to release hit songs and they would record high sales but never complement them by holding shows.

“I should say I got fooled by the number of sales and I thought the status quo would remain the same during that time. Now when I look back, I discovered I was not cautious with my planning. ”

The Hazvina Mhosva hit-maker started his musical journey. while at primary school when he was involved in the school choir in the early 1980s. He later on became one of the first contestants of the popular ZTV programme, StarBrite, a talent search show which was born in the late 1980s.

“I was one of the first contests of the StarBrite show which was hosted by John Phiri and Barney Mpariwa. I later on discovered that one of the contestants was Tendai Chidarikire of the Nhunguru fame,” Matamba said.

For the past two decades Matamba has been in the music industry, he has released 15 albums and some of them (Hazvina Mhosva) went on to be big hits on all the radio stations back then in 2000. Matamba sings about issues that touch on day-to-day life.

Matamba is set to release his latest album Padare next week with tracks that include Kutendwa Nedenga, Makwikwi, Pandakuona, Kudhonzerana, Waoneiko, Seiko and Marita. The songs that are expected to take the streets by storm are Makwikwi, Waoneiko and Marita.

Matamba is well-known for churning out hits songs such as Hazvina Mhosva, Mbimbindoga, Ndipowo Rudo and Samere Samere.

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