ED sons venture into showbiz

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The showbiz industry has proved to be a big and enterprising constituency for politicians and those linked with power, as they aspire to have a slice of it.

By Sindiso Dube

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s sons have joined the bandwagon of  mbingas that have flooded the local showbiz industry.

Mbingas or sponsors in the arts are of late being viewed as not being sincere, but there to make their own names.

Characters such as Prophet Passion Java,  have literally made Zimdancehall artists and stables sing for their supper. Java went further to establish Passion Java Records which houses Roki and producer DJ Tamuka.

The showbiz industry has proved to be a big and enterprising constituency for politicians and those linked with power, as they aspire to have a slice of it.

Java has worked with Enzo Ishall who later on “retired” from music citing depression. A week after announcing that he was dropping the microphone, Enzo Ishall was seen in pictures with Mnangagwa’s sons who funded his new paintball company, close to Kamfinsa in Greendale.

“Through @chippy263, @emmerson_Jnr Mnangagwa,@collins_mnangagwa & @scott_kupa reached out & helped me to setup a business that I have always wanted to venture into, I’m forever grateful,” said Enzo Ishal in a social media post.

“They assisted me in purchasing the paintball shooting gear ie a large number of paintball guns, masks and vests. I am happy to announce that I will be opening a paintball park very soon, it’s indeed a dream come true.

Premised on the feedback that management got from my fans and all music lovers, I now strive to try to strike a balance between working hard to establish this international sport called paintball shooting (@actionpark_paintball) and making good music. I owe it to my fans.”

However, Enzo Ishal made a U-turn and resurfaced on the music scene with a new song and a video dubbed Zuva Risingasvike. It is reported that the Mnangagwas are the ones now funding Enzo Ishal’s career and ventures.

The Mnangagwas are also linked to Scarfemore Records, a record label that runs at Chillspot Records in Mbare. Though on the ground the two labels are operating differently, sources privy to the developments said the Mnangagwas through Scarfemore Records were  the ones controlling day-to-day runnings at Chillspot.

Scarfmore Records are reported to have donated $10 000 worth of studio equipment to the Mbare-based label and they recently launched a riddim titled Matenga Gudo, which features artists such as Gemma Griffiths.

“This is one thing, Scarfemore is Chillspot. They are the ones in charge now and they are calling the shots, as much as Chillspot used to represent the plight and struggles of the common ghetto youths affected by the harsh economy of this country they have been compromised by their association with the Mnangagwas who have been linked to massive looting,” a source said.

The president’s son, Emmerson Mngangagwa, popularly known as St Emmo, a music producer, DJ and entrepreneur  has been in the music industry for long and recently released visuals for his latest release Rain, produced at So Sick Records.

St Emmo has worked with artistes such as Tererai Mugwadi, Rutendo Machiridza, Sylent Nqo, Hope Masoke and Vee Mukarati.

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